The 6 best wakeboard bindings of 2022: (with revised key specs) (2023)

Bindings are an important part of any wakeboard setup. Having the best wakeboard is only part of the equation. You also need the perfect pair of fixings to assemble.

Your wakeboard bindings are your connection to your board. Whether you're pressing your nose in the cable park or cruising and working your turns, you need a wakeboard binding that offers the level of responsiveness you need.

Since every wakeboard binding is different, we wanted to share the best wakeboard bindings for 2023 in a list.

So let's cut to the chase.

These are the best leads you can get in 2023.

    • Hyperlite Ultra Wakeboard Bindings 2023 - Best Overall Binding
    • Liquid Strength Transit Wakeboard Bindings 2023 - Best Bindings Under $300
    • Slingshot Space Mob Wakeboard Bindings 2023 - Melhores Bindings Park
    • Hyperlite Remix Wakeboard Bindings 2023 - Best for Beginners (Male)
    • Hyperlite Allure Wakeboard Bindings 2023 - Best for Beginners (Women)
    • Ronix Rise Women's Wakeboard Binding 2023 - Best Overall Women's Binding (Swimming)

Best overall boat wakeboard bindings

Hyperlite Ultra Wakeboard Links 2023

The 6 best wakeboard bindings of 2022: (with revised key specs) (1)

general evaluation

considerationsRating of 5
soft landings5
overall quality5

Editor's Rating:The 6 best wakeboard bindings of 2022: (with revised key specs) (2)4.94 out of 5 stars

The Hyperlite Ultra wakeboard bindings are Rusty Malinoski's professional model boots. These bindings are specifically designed to be a high performance wakeboard binding for boaters. The main focus with them was to keep them light and comfortable while providing plenty of stability and shock absorption for your landings.

Ultra binding is based on the Hyperlite Fusion plate system. If you look at the cleats from the side, you'll notice that they have a more natural forward slant. This will help you keep your body in line with your knees bent and reach your full potential. The boot has a fully engineered mesh construction that makes it one of the lightest wakeboard bindings you can get.

There is a dual lace closure system so you can get a custom fit however you like. There's a heel strap that holds the heel in place when you tighten the bottom of the lace.

The boot's liner is fully 3D heat moldable to fit your foot perfectly. To keep the trunk light, Hyperlite has flushed the shell of the liner. Inside the boot is an extremely soft HyperCush footbed. Not only do they make them incredibly comfortable, but they also provide an extra level of shock absorption.

Overall this is the highest performing wakeboard binding system for boaters. If you want to take your riding to the next level, get the Hyperlite Ultra bindings.


  • Luz
  • Comfortable / fully heat moldable
  • stability
  • suspension
  • double loop system


  • on the more expensive side
  • Especially for sailors


7-8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13-14

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Best open toe wakeboard bindings

Liquid Force Transit 2023 wakeboard bindings

The 6 best wakeboard bindings of 2022: (with revised key specs) (3)

general evaluation

considerationsRating of 5
soft landings4.2
overall quality4.5

Editor's Rating:The 6 best wakeboard bindings of 2022: (with revised key specs) (4)4.34 out of 5 stars

The Liquid Force Transit is the perfect wakeboard binding for anyone looking for comfort and stability at a great price.

The Transit bindings feature a comfortable EVA footbed that provides support and provides shock absorption to soften your landings. These bindings feature a zone lacing system to adjust the upper and lower parts of the shoe separately for a custom fit.

These bonds have medium flexibility with excellent stability. A flex zone is built into the binding, allowing you to move forward, backward and side to side.

These calls are for anyone looking for a do-it-all call for under $300. The Liquid Force Transit is perfect for cable car or boat rides and is good for sharing with everyone on the boat.


  • Comfortable
  • stability
  • suspension
  • Cable or boat ride


  • While they are durable and perfect for beginners, as you progress you may want to find something that offers more stability or flexibility depending on your riding style.


8-10, 12-15


Best Wakeboard Links to the Cable Park

Slingshot Space Mob Wakeboard-Bindungen 2023

The 6 best wakeboard bindings of 2022: (with revised key specs) (5)

general evaluation

considerationsRating of 5
soft landings4.7
overall quality5

Editor's Rating:The 6 best wakeboard bindings of 2022: (with revised key specs) (6)4.84 out of 5 stars

The Slingshot Space Mob wakeboard bindings are perfect for cable park board setup. This is a two piece closed binding system with many customizable features to make them pushable and comfortable or stable and durable.

Bindings connect to your wakeboard with Direct Connect soles. Technically, there is no baseplate in these shoe binding systems. The base of your liner sits directly on your board. If you remove the liner and look through the shell, you will be looking directly at the top of the board. The benefit here is that there is an extra level of responsiveness and board feel that you won't get with some other wakeboard binding systems. Get closer to your board with the Slingshot Space Mob.

These fixtures feature the K9 ultra-lightweight fixture system. The mounting system allows you to customize your stance options, eliminating any heel or toe lifts to keep you on those presses.

(Video) 2020 Ronix Anthem Wakeboard Bindings Review

Space Mob's straps and lacing system also offer a ton of adjustments. These bindings feature a tri-zone binding system so you can choose top, middle or bottom binding for your exact level of flexibility. These wakeboard boots also feature Slingshot's signature gum straps. These straps are durable, interchangeable (with other colors available) and, like the lacing system, keep you at the tension you want. For cable park riding, you may want to curve the bottom and middle straps, leaving the top strap looser. The choice is yours, so why not experiment with the options?

One of the best features of the Space Mob wakeboard bindings is that the liner is removable and they are designed as a comfortable high boot for walking. The liners use a traditional lacing system and have triple-density EVA soles that help protect your feet when you're walking when you're not walking in the park. Liners provide excellent stability and heel support thanks to internal and external J-Bars that wrap around the back of the heel. Your heel stays locked in place as you pedal.

The tongue of the boot shell is removable. You have the option of leaving the tongue out of the shell if you want extra stiffness and support. If not, you can remove the tongue for a smoother, more supple feel.

If you're looking for the perfect wakeboard boot/line binding, you just found it. Get the Slingshot Space Mob wakeboard bindings.


  • So many customizable options
  • Removable liner you can step into
  • Removable tongue for extra support/or flexibility
  • The board feel is amazing - there's no extra baseplate so you're standing on the board
  • rubber bands


  • On the pricier side< and it's worth it./li>
  • There aren't many downsides here. I particularly don't like the moon print of the liner. However, the shell and binding as a whole look so good/


7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

Best wakeboard bindings for beginners

Hyperlite Remix 2023 wakeboard bindings

The 6 best wakeboard bindings of 2022: (with revised key specs) (7)

general evaluation

considerationsRating of 5
soft landings4.4
overall quality4.8

Editor's Rating:The 6 best wakeboard bindings of 2022: (with revised key specs) (8)4.62 out of 5 stars

The Remix Boot is Hyperlite's best-selling wakeboard binding. It's an open-toe boot with tons of beginner features to help you get on your feet for a very low price.

The hallmark of Hyperlite Remix bindings is comfort. The inner lining of the boot is soft and smooth. The inside of these bindings is lined with EVA foam and the tongue is heat moldable to adjust the fit to the shape of your feet.

There is a double lacing system that allows you to adjust the bottom of the foot separately from the top of the leg. The dual lacing system allows you to experience the level of support you need from your lacing while learning to pedal. The lacing system has straps that can be easily released to get the laces out of the way. This feature makes it easy to get in and out of binding.

These bows are perfect for sharing. The Hyperlite Remix bindings have an open toe design and if your friends have a slightly larger foot, they can still wear these bindings comfortably.

These boots are built on the Hyperlite LP2 Low Pro Plate system. This plate system is designed to be lightweight and durable. The result is a binding that lasts a long time, gives you a better feel on the board, and lets you get your position exactly where you want it. The Hyperlite has also been integrated with the aluminum jaw insert system to ensure your fixtures stay in place at all times.

These are also available in a version specially designed for children. Check out the kids versionHere.

If you're looking for the best wakeboard bindings for beginners, you need to get the Hyperlite Remix binding.

(Video) How to Select the Right Wakeboard- The Wake Channel

If you're looking for a lot, last year's version is nearly identical and on sale.Herefor.


  • incredibly comfortable
  • Luz
  • Easy to use
  • Toeless / perfect for sharing
  • Cheap and still high quality


  • It turns out half a size smaller


4-8, 7-10,5, 10-14

The best women's wakeboard bindings for beginners

Hyperlite Allure Wakeboard Bindings - Ladies 2023

The 6 best wakeboard bindings of 2022: (with revised key specs) (9)

general evaluation

considerationsRating of 5
soft landings3.5
overall quality3.8

Editor's Rating:The 6 best wakeboard bindings of 2022: (with revised key specs) (10)4.12 out of 5 stars

Hyperlite Allure Women's Wakeboard Bindings are the perfect binding for beginners looking for a quality binding that doesn't break the bank. This is a one-size-fits-all open binding to share with your entire family.

Allure bindings are ideal for all women's sizes from 5 to 10. However, they can also accommodate smaller or larger feet with a few adjustments.

The Hyperlite Allure has a few features to help you get comfortable while remaining responsive enough to lean into your wakeboard. There is a soft plush lining on the tongue and overfoot area. Allure's footbed rests on soft EVA foam. These bindings have a Hyperplush flex zone on the back. This is a soft, flexible area in the back that reduces friction on the back of the leg when doing heel twists. You'll be very relaxed while you're learning, and this feature helps you stay in the water longer.

The lacing system has lacing zones. This is a simple pull and lock system with a single lace. You simply tighten the lace lock to the desired point, lock it in and clip the lock to one of the laces to keep it from bouncing as you ride.

Allure wakeboard bindings are based on the Hyperlite Low Pro Plate System. The plate system is durable and lightweight while the binding stays in place. The last thing you want when you're learning to drive is a break in bonding.

In short, Hyperlite Allure is the perfect binding for the whole family. Hyperlite Allure Bindings have all the key features to look for, without the extras that can drive up the price. If you're looking for the best women's wakeboard binding, you just found it. Get the Hyperlite Allure bindings and hit the road.


  • Cheap and still high quality
  • Easy on and off - easy lacing zones
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • One size fits all
  • can be shared


  • Unique Loop System - You can't vary the tension on your upper leg any differently than you can on your foot.
  • Lacks some of the added features of other, more expensive bindings - non-malleable / cannot walk across the lining


One size fits all

The best women's wakeboard bindings for boating

Ronix Rise 2023 Women's Wakeboard Binding

The 6 best wakeboard bindings of 2022: (with revised key specs) (11)

general evaluation

considerationsRating of 5
soft landings4.2
overall quality4.7

Editor's Rating:The 6 best wakeboard bindings of 2022: (with revised key specs) (12)4.66 out of 5 stars

(Video) Wakeboard Unboxing and How To Set Up Your Stance/Bindings

Overall, the Ronix Rise women's wakeboard bindings are one of the top picks on this list. If you're looking for a stiffer, closed-loop boot built for comfort and performance, then this is it.

The standout features of the Rise wakeboard boots are their liner and baseplate technology.

The Rise wakeboard boots have a Ronix Stage 3 liner that contains triple-density foam that molds to your foot. It has 13% less base material, making it lighter than some of the other options on this list. The lining has reinforced foam in areas where the boot needs to be strong, while the foam is reduced in areas that make the boot more flexible/manoeuvrable. Ronix added J-Bars to improve support and heel response.

While the liner molds to your foot, a great feature of the Ronix Rise is that the boot's skeleton expands to naturally mold to your foot. It's part of the Ronix BrainFrame technology developed for this boot. BrainFrame technology focuses on making the upper part of the shoe work in tandem with the responsiveness of the baseplate. With this technology, you get a connection that offers instant power transfer and upward responsiveness. The benefit is that it reduces leg fatigue while improving board feel.

If you're looking for a boot that offers extra support to take your riding to the next level, get the Ronix Rise Women's Wakeboard Binding.


  • comfortable / malleable
  • Baseplate and top of shoe transfer energy to improve board feel and response
  • Self-locking loop technology
  • Easy to get in and out
  • Luz


  • Can be on the stiffer side for some riders
  • Higher price (worth it for the built-in technology)



Note: The Ronix Rise Boot is starting to sell out online. Some sizes are still available here.

So there you have it. The best wakeboard bindings for 2023 are:

  • Best Overall Boat Wakeboard Bindings: Hyperlite Ultra Wakeboard Bindings 2023
  • Best Open Toe Wakeboard Bindings: Liquid Force Transit Wakeboard Bindings 2023
  • Best Wakeboard Bindings for Cable Park: Slingshot Space Mob Wakeboard Bindings 2023
  • Best wakeboard bindings for beginners: Hyperlite Remix 2023 wakeboard bindings
  • Best Women's Wakeboard Bindings for Beginners: Hyperlite Allure Wakeboard Bindings - Women's 2023
  • Best Women's Wakeboard Bindings for Boating: Ronix Rise Women's Wakeboard Bindings 2023
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  • The best wakeboards for beginners in 2023
  • The beginner's guide to wakeboarding FAQs
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The 6 best wakeboard bindings of 2022: (with revised key specs) (13)

Steve Weber

Steve Weber is an avid snowboarder and skateboarder. He has been snowboarding for 26 years, skating for 20 years and is always looking for a new board sport to try. When he's not horseback riding or skating, he runs a marketing agency. Board of the World is Steve's blog for skateboarding and snowboarding gear reviews. The aim of the blog is to help people find the right board for them and to encourage people to have fun outdoors.

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How many categories of wakeboard bindings are there? ›

There are two major types of bindings; open toe and close toe. Open toe bindings are perfect to put on a board that will be used by a number of people because each size covers a range in shoe sizes. Close toe bindings perform better and fit more like a shoe, meaning they won't fit nearly as many people.

What kind of wakeboard bindings should I get? ›

Wakeboard bindings can range from very stiff to very flexible. Softer bindings allow for more flexibility, while stiff bindings are more responsive and supportive. If you are looking for more flexibility, a softer boot is the better choice for you.

What is the best wakeboard brand? ›

5 Best Wakeboard Brands
  • 1) Hyperlite. Let's start the list with one of the pioneers in the industry. ...
  • 2) Ronix. Ronix is one of the newer brands; however, they have quickly established themselves as one of the leaders in the sport. ...
  • 3) Liquid Force. ...
  • 4) Slingshot. ...
  • 5) Double Up.
Apr 11, 2022

Do any bindings fit any wakeboard? ›

Almost all modern wakeboards use standard M6 mounting hardware and 6" binding plates that are universally compatible across all brands. The only exception is Liquid Force 4D bindings. These bindings are only compatible with wakeboards equipped with a Flextrack, like many modern Liquid Force boards.

How do I choose the right bindings? ›

The heel should fit snugly in the binding. A properly fit binding should allow the boot to flex, but not sway. If you have comfortable boots, and the bindings securely grip your boots with no extra play, then you have a good match.

What is the best angle for wakeboard bindings? ›

Back Binding - Zero degrees at the backmost position on the board. Front Binding - Pointing towards the front of the board at a 15- to 27-degree angle (two to three holes from the center of the binding plate). Place at a natural distance from the rear binding.

Are more expensive bindings better? ›

The more money you spend on bindings, the more flexibility, comfort, and longevity you are likely to receive as well. Expensive bindings are costly for a reason, and it's generally a more than worthy investment if you are concerned about higher performance, durability, and compatibility.

Are stiff or soft bindings better? ›

A stiff binding provides quick response and control, whereas a soft binding is more forgiving or slow in its response.

What speed should you pull a wakeboarder? ›

The proper speed to tow a wakeboarder is usually between 15 and 25 mph. The bottom line when it comes to speed is that the faster you go, the cleaner and more firm the wake gets, making it easier and more consistent for riders trying to jump or learn new tricks.

Who is the best wakeboarder in the world? ›

WWA World Ranking – Men 2019
RankAthleteNautique WWA Wakeboard World Championships
1Nic Rapa*312.8
2Cory Teunissen*90
3Tony Iacconi*75
4Harley Clifford0
35 more rows

Does size matter on a wakeboard? ›

It turns out size does absolutely matter. However, there's a size for every style. Nowadays you can't walk into a shop without being overthrown with boards which are so big, you might as well call it a boat on its own.

Do ski boots and bindings need to match? ›

Not all ski boots are compatible with all ski bindings. Using a setup with non-compatible components increases the probability that your skis will not release properly, creating the potential for serious injury. That's why it is important to make sure your ski boots and bindings are compatible and safe.

How important are wakeboard bindings? ›

Wakeboard bindings are perhaps the most important part of a board/binding setup as they transfer a rider's input to the board and offer the comfort and support that gives the wearer the confidence to soar off the wake.

What binding size should I get? ›

Snowboard Binding Size Chart
Men's Binding SizeMen's Snowboard Boot SizeWomen's Snowboard Boot Size
Small5 - 71.5 - 4.5
Medium7 - 104.5 - 7.5
Large10 +7 +

Does it matter what bindings I get? ›

A bindings recommended use and flex rating will go hand-in-hand so it is important to determine your ride style and ability level before selecting a pair of bindings. For example, all-mountain riders and beginners should look for a binding with a medium flex as they offer the most versatility.

What binding width do I need? ›

You want your brake width to be at least as wide as the waist (the middle section) of your ski, but no more than 20 millimeters wider than that. So if your ski waist is 75 mm, then you want to purchase bindings with brakes in the 75- 95 mm range.

How should I set my wakeboard bindings? ›

Follow these binding-placement guidelines for intermediate to advanced wakeboarding: Back: Set your back binding at one hole in from the back, and angle it in a range from zero to nine degrees. Front: Set your front binding about four to five holes in from the front, at an angle of about 18 degrees.

How long should bindings last? ›

How long do bindings and boots last? Your boots and bindings are most likely to break before your board. Bindings can last anywhere from 50 to 100 days. Of your snowboarding gear, boots are usually replaced most often.

How much should I pay for bindings? ›

Ski Bindings

Your bindings should also match your skis and your boots in intended ability level. Beginner bindings will cost anywhere from $100 to $200 on average. Expert level bindings can be over $500. Depending on the shop you buy from, you may need to pay a bit extra to have your bindings mounted to your skis.

How often should you get new bindings? ›

On average, you can expect them to last at least 3-4 years (depending on how hard you ride) before they start showing signs of weaknesses. Of course, if you've got the money and want to try out new bindings, nothing is stopping you from switching after 1 or 2 full seasons.

What are the two types of bindings? ›

There are two main types of bindings – strap-in bindings and speed entry bindings (a.k.a Rear Entry Bindings).

Are stiff bindings better for carving? ›

However, it does play a role – torsionally stiffer boards will be quicker to transition from edge-to-edge and are better at holding carves, while softer boards are better suited to everyday riding and freestyle.

Why are Look bindings so good? ›

Look's Pivot has a reputation for excellence even in the relatively homogeneous realm of Alpine bindings, thanks to its outstanding durability and its remarkable 40mm lateral travel (toe) and 28mm elastic travel (heel)—said to be the longest of any binding on the market.

How far apart should feet be on wakeboard? ›

Correct Body Position

If you don't have this down, you will fall or not be able to get up where you want to be. When you're up on the board, your feet should be shoulder width apart. Your weight should be centered between both feet, and your knees should be slightly bent.

How tight should wakeboard bindings be? ›

Whether open or closed toe wakeboard boots should always have a tight, firm fit.

What is the hardest trick in wakeboarding? ›

Matt Simms' 900. The 900 (two and a half rotations) is one of the hardest tricks in skateboarding, and it's pretty impressive on the water, too. At 25mph, Matt Simms nails it with style.

How much horsepower does a boat need to pull a wakeboarder? ›

While you can wakeboard with as little as 25 HP, a quality wake generally requires a 135+HP loaded boat. What is this? Boat owners often recommend 90 HP on a 16′ boat as the minimum for serious slalom skiing and wakeboarding on a fully loaded boat. 115 HP will generally be comfortable, while 75 HP may barely be enough.

Is a shorter or longer rope better for wakeboarding? ›

The shorter the rope the easier it will be to clear the wake. Usually, beginners will want to use a 65-foot rope length until they are comfortable wakeboarding. Someone who is comfortable clearing the wake both heel side and toe side would probably be using a 70-75 rope length.

Who is the best American wakeboarder? ›

Shaun Murray. This American wakeboarder from California is considered as one of the greatest wakeboarders of all time. Murray's wakeboarding career is filled with several accomplishments including four world Wakeboarding champion titles.

What wakeboard has the most pop? ›

The Ronix One Timebomb is one of the fastest and most explosive wakeboards out there. If you are an intermediate to advanced rider looking for an energetic, responsive, and rapid fast wakeboard, this is it. The profile of the Ronix One Timebomb is a 3-stage rocker.

Is a bigger wakeboard better? ›

Longer wakeboards are typically easier to ride and learn on, they have a solid boost-off-the-wake feel. Longer wakeboards are heavier which means you work harder against the weight in the air, but you also get more control. That makes longer boards great for learning tricks and the basics for the first time.

Which wake boat has the best wave? ›

Centurion and Supreme boats are pretty well known for being the “best” surf boats out there. They are the boat of choice for more professional and semi-professional surfers than any other brand, tow the World Wakesurfing Championships, and headline the majority of competitive wakesurf tournaments.

What is the best hull shape for wakeboarding? ›

V-shaped Hulls

The 'Deep-V' hull is considered the best choice for a wakeboard boat. Unlike a ski boat or flat hull, it is designed to cut through water instead of bouncing over the top of them.

What happens if your wakeboard is too big? ›

A wakeboard that is too big will feel heavy and hard to maneuver, while one that is too small will sink further into the water and feel somewhat unstable.

Does the size of the wakeboard matter if you weigh more? ›

The most crucial factor for choosing a wakeboard that is right for you will be your weight. Tailoring your board to your dimensions will give you the right amount of stability, control, and balance in the water.

What does GW mean on ski boots? ›

However, in the years since more brands have licensed Marker's GripWalk technology so that most ski boots now feature GripWalk soles, and many bindings across brands feature GripWalk technology (indicated by “GW” in the model name).

How many times can you mount bindings on skis? ›

3 is generally the maximum amount of times you can drill for bindings, after 3 (even if you fill the holes) you start to compromise the integrity of the fiberglass and wood core. Also after even one mount you often have to offset your new mounts to avoid getting too close to the previous set of holes.

Can you remove GripWalk soles? ›

You have 2 choices—replace the GripWalk sole on the boots with a standard sole IF available OR replace the ski binding with a GripWalk equipped binding.

Is it better to wakeboard without fins? ›

Once you can confidently start and ride a wakeboard centre fins should be removed as they are more likely to catch when jumping the wake or on surface spins.

How many knots do you need to wakeboard? ›

The most noticeable difference in the sports is the speed the boat must travel to achieve the required Wake, approximately 10 knots for Surfing and 20 knots for Wakeboarding.

What are the different types of bindings? ›

Types of binding
  • Sewn binding. A strong, durable binding where inside pages are sewn together in sections. ...
  • Glued binding. Also known as Perfect binding. ...
  • PUR-glued. Content pages are glued with PUR glue, which offers superior adhesion. ...
  • Lay-flat binding. ...
  • Spiral.
  • Spiral. ...
  • Wire-o. ...
  • Saddle-stitched.

Are there different types of wakeboards? ›

There are two types of wakeboarding: Cable park and boat waking. The cable park wakeboarding speaks for itself - you are towed by an overhead cable (similar to drag lifts in ski resorts). Those boards have more flex, featureless bases, and removable (or none) fins.

What are NNN style bindings? ›

NNN (New Nordic Norm) Cross Country Ski Binding

These bindings use a metal rod at toe of boot, and the boot clips into the binding. NNN bindings might have two parts with two ridges designed to work with compatible NNN ski boots.

What is the best type of binding? ›


Also known as hardcover binding, this is by far the best binding technique you could pick. In fact, in the past, all major books were hard-bound. Basically, the inside pages are sewn together in sections. The sections are then glued to the end-papers which are finally glued to the cover's spine.

What size wakeboard is best? ›

Wakeboard size chart
Rider Weight (lbs)Rider Weight (kg)Wakeboard Length (cm)
90 - 15040 - 65130 - 134
130 - 18059 - 82135 - 139
170 - 25077 - 113140 - 144
200 - 275+91 - 125+> 144
1 more row
Jan 2, 2021

What happens if wakeboard is too big? ›

Getting the proper sized wakeboard and bindings is very important when you are on the water. A wakeboard that is too big will feel heavy and hard to maneuver, while one that is too small will sink further into the water and feel somewhat unstable.

Is NNN or SNS better? ›

SNS bindings clip in at the toe and are only compatible with SNS boots. They have a single ridge, unlike NNN bindings which have two ridges. This is the oldest cross country ski binding system that is still in production, and is good for beginners, offering a bit more stability.

How do I know if I have NNN or SNS bindings? ›

If you have a pair of boots and you aren't sure which binding system you have, take a look at the sole. If there are two thin, shallow grooves running the length of the sole, then it is an NNN boot. Salomon's NNN boots are called Prolink. If there are two bars, it is a current SNS, or Pilot boot.

Whats the difference between NNN and absolute NNN? ›

Triple Net Lease | NNN

The tenant pays for property taxes, insurance, and maintenance of the roof, structure, and common areas of the NNN property. The difference between a triple net lease and an absolute net lease is that in a triple net lease, the tenant may not pay for expenses directly.

How long do wakeboards last? ›

Because of the loss of pop, most riders replace their boards every two seasons.

What is a 3 stage wakeboard? ›

WHAT IS A 3 STAGE ROCKER? A wakeboard with a 3 stage rocker features three separate planes on the bottom of the board and will cause your wakeboard to respond with more pop (height) when you hit the wake. With a more dramatic rocker, a wakeboard has a loose or slippery feel on the surface of the water.


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