The 6 best smart scales (2023)

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  • Best overall: Eufy Smartwage P1
  • Best high-end: Qardio Base 2 Smart WLAN
  • Best value: Etekcity smart fitness scale
  • Best through the app:Fitbit Aria Air Smart-Wage
  • Better with Wi-Fi: Withings Body+
  • Best features:FITINDEX Bluetooth body fat scale

Smart scales measure multiple body composition metrics, not just your weight.

They typically use bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), a non-invasive instrument that assesses your body composition by sending a low-level electrical current through your body (1).

Taking a snapshot of your body composition can be particularly helpful when you're looking to gain muscle mass or reduce body fat. However, the large market for smart scales makes it difficult to determine which products are worth their price.

Some people may prefer to purchase a smart scale over a traditional scale, as smart scales measure various aspects of body composition beyond weight.

In fact, some can measure body fat, muscle mass, or body water percentage, among other things.

Tech-savvy people may also prefer smart scales because of the added convenience they offer. Many offer Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, for example, while others sync directly to your smartphone or connect to an app to track your progress over time.

Additionally, a smart scale can be a good option for larger families and households, as many models allow you to set up profiles for multiple users.

The smart scales featured in this article were selected based on the following criteria:

  • available dimensions
  • Wert
  • connectivity
  • Additional functions
  • Customer Reviews

Here are 6 of the best smart scales of 2022.

A note about the price

General price ranges are shown below with dollar signs ($–$$$). One dollar sign means the product is more affordable, while three dollar signs indicate a higher price.

Price Guide:

  • ps= less than $50
  • $$= 50 $ a 100 $
  • $$$= more than $100
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better overall

Eufy Smartwage P1


With its sleek and stylish design, easy setup, and user-friendly app, the eufy Smart Scale P1 ranks first as the best smart scale on the market.

It offers 14 unique measures of body composition including weight, lean body mass, body fat mass, muscle mass, and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which is an estimate of how many calories you burn throughout the day.

It also allows you to track health data for up to 16 users on a single account and sync with multiple third-party fitness apps via Bluetooth.


  • allows you to track up to 16 users on each account
  • provides 14 measurements of body composition
  • affordable


  • some reports of problems with long-term functionality
  • some reports of inaccurate readings
  • does not offer Wi-Fi connectivity

High-end bests

QardioBase 2 Smart Wi-Fi Scale


This sleek smart scale is easy to set up, packed with features, and well worth the investment if you're looking for a premium option.

In addition to measuring your weight, it tracks other body composition metrics, including body fat percentage, bone and muscle mass, and body water percentage.

It's also compatible with many popular health apps and connects to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for easy portability of your data.

Plus, it's fully rechargeable and can last up to 12 months on a single charge.


  • It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • fully rechargeable with long battery life
  • syncs with multiple fitness apps


  • caro
  • A mobile app is required to use advanced features
  • some inconsistent measurement reports
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best value

Etekcity smart fitness scale


This affordable smart scale provides a detailed look at your body composition with 13 different measurements including visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, metabolic age, skeletal muscle, andBody Mass Index (BMI).

It also offers easy integration with many health apps, includes Bluetooth connectivity, and allows data storage for an unlimited number of users.

Plus, it features a wide, stable platform for comfort and safety, and a large LED display so you can see your measurements clearly.


  • economic
  • tracks 13 body composition metrics
  • stores data for unlimited users


  • does not offer Wi-Fi connectivity
  • non rechargeable
  • some reports of short battery life

Better through the app

Fitbit Aria Air Smart-Wage


The Fitbit Aria Air smart scale is a high-tech scale that syncs with the Fitbit app to monitor your health.

It not only measures your weight and BMI, but also tracks long-term trends using graphs and tables in the app.

You can also set goals, measure your hydration, and track your activity and food intake in the Fitbit app.

The scale automatically syncs data from multiple users and keeps individual stats private, making it a great choice for large families or households.


  • connects to the Fitbit app
  • affordable
  • tracks long-term weight trends


  • does not measure as many body composition metrics as other scales
  • Does not include Wi-Fi connectivity
  • can be challenging at first

Better with Wi-Fi

Withings Body+


This Wi-Fi enabled smart scale automatically syncs with over 100 popular health and fitness apps.

It measures your weight to within 0.2 pounds (100 grams) and monitors your body fat percentage, water percentage, bone mass, and muscle mass.

It also includes nutritional tracking and features to suit a wide range of potential users, including dedicated modes for pregnant women and babies.

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It also allows up to 8 users and has a long battery life of up to 18 months.


  • syncs with over 100 fitness apps
  • is characterized by a particularly long battery life
  • contains multiple modes for different stages of life


  • some reports of glass durability issues
  • non rechargeable
  • relatively expensive

best features

FITINDEX Bluetooth body fat scale


With 13 body composition measurements, this scale from FITINDEX not only helps you keep track of your weight, but also monitors your body fat, bone mass, skeletal muscle, visceral and subcutaneous fat, and more.

It includes Bluetooth connectivity and works with the FITINDEX app, as well as third-party apps like Apple Health, Google Fit, and Samsung Health.

Also, since it allows unlimited users, it is a cheap and convenient option for families.


  • measures 13 body composition metrics
  • allows unlimited users
  • rentable


  • Does not include Wi-Fi connectivity
  • some reports of accuracy and calibration issues
  • non rechargeable

There are some important factors to consider when shopping for a smart scale.

First, you may want to determine which body composition measures are most important to you. Some of the most commonly measured metrics are:

  • body weight
  • body fat percentage
  • bone mass
  • Muscular time
  • IMC
  • BMR
  • body water percentage

Finding a smart scale that works well with your favorite helps too.Fitness-Appsand to determine if it offers Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Also, consider the price, power supply, and maximum number of users.

Comparison of the best smart scales

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PreisApplication connectivityAdditional functions
Eufy Smartwage P1ps• Health of the apple
• Google Tweak
• Fitbit
•Bluetooth connectivity
• 14 measures of body composition
• allows up to 16 users per account
Qardio-Base 2$$$• Health of the apple
• Samsung Health
• MyFitnessPal
• Google Tweak
• Stopwatch
• Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
• 6 measures of body composition
• allows up to 8 users
Etekcity smart fitness scaleps• Health of the apple
• Google Tweak
• Fitbit
• MyFitnessPal
• Samsung Health
•Bluetooth connectivity
• 13 measures of body composition
• stores data for unlimited users
Fitbit Aria Air Smart-Wagepsfitbit•Bluetooth connectivity
• allows multiple users to sync data
Withings Body+$$More than 100 applications• Wi-Fi connectivity
• 6 measures of body composition
• allows up to 8 users
FITINDEX Bluetooth body fat scaleps• Health of the apple
• Fitbit
• Google Tweak
• Samsung Health
•Bluetooth connectivity
• 13 measures of body composition
• allows unlimited users

While smart scales can be a useful tool for getting a general idea of ​​your body composition, they may not be as accurate as other methods.

One study evaluated the reliability of BIA, the tool used by many smart scales, and found that its accuracy decreased with increasing amounts of body fat (2).

Another test by Consumer Reports compared the accuracy of six smart scales with the results of a machine called the Bod Pod, a highly accurate device that tracks changes in barometric pressure to determine body fat percentage (3).

Based on the test, all 6 smart scales were pretty far behind the Bod Pod results, as much as 34% in some cases. This variability could potentially be attributed to differences in body shape, hydration status, and recent physical activity (3).

Still, smart scales can be useful for tracking changes in body fat and providing a general snapshot of your overall body composition.

In addition to the potential inaccuracies associated with smart scales, there are other reasons why measuring body fat with a scale may not be ideal.

Many factors can affect body fat measurements, including the time of day, the amount of food you've eaten, whether you've recently consumed alcohol, your body shape, and whether you sweat (4).

Also, some manufacturers recommend avoiding flakes of body fat if you have a pacemaker or other internal medical device. Although some research suggests that smart scales may be safe for people using these devices, it's best to check with your doctor first (5,6).

Also, while a smart scale can provide a general estimate of how much body fat you have, it can't pinpoint exactly where the fat is.

This is an important consideration when it comes to disease prevention, as a higher amount of belly fat may be linked to a higher risk of heart disease (7).

Are smart scales worth it?

Smart scales may be worth considering for people interested in tracking and measuring multiple body composition metrics.

Because many smart scales sync with a variety of health and fitness apps and allow multiple users to store their data, the added convenience a smart scale offers may also be worth it for some people.

Does Apple have a scale?

While Apple doesn't currently offer its own scale, the Withings Body+ and Withings Body Cardio smart scales are available on Apple's website.

Why should you buy a smart scale?

A smart scale can come in handy if you measure various body composition metrics or are looking for an easy way to sync your data with your favorite health and fitness apps.

Keep in mind, however, that smart scales are often more expensive than a typical scale and can take a long time to set up, so they may not be right for everyone.

Smart scales can be a useful tool for measuring multiple metricsbody composition.

When choosing a smart scale, consider the features it offers, as well as price, power source, maximum number of users, and connectivity options.

You can also use this list to find the best product for you.

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