TH8-Upgrade-Prioritätsleitfaden | Clash of Clans-Earth (2023)

Hey everyone, this is going to be my guide on update priorities for Town Hall 8 players. What are the most important updates and what you should be focusing more on. I also have another update priority video for TH9 players, so if you're ready to switch to TH9 and wondering which updates to focus on, I've linked to that video in the descriptions below. I'll rate each update and also give a brief explanation of why I think it's important.

Laboratory at level 6

The first and most important update is the Lab, so make sure you have a builder ready to update the Lab immediately when upgrading to TH8. This is because you really don't want to delay troop lab upgrades. It takes a long time to complete all your lab upgrades in TH8, longer than your defensive upgrades. Now, before upgrading the lab, you must start a troop upgrade. Your lab takes 4 days to complete the upgrade. So if you have a troop that still needs an upgrade, it's a good idea to start that upgrade in your lab and then upgrade the lab.

black spell factory

Dark Spell Factory is definitely one of the first things you should get immediately after upgrading to Town Hall 8. Poison is extremely useful from now on which can help you take out most of the defensive troops both in farming and in the farming. Also, you'll want to upgrade it ASAP to get the earthquake spell. the simpleCombo ZapQuake(2 Lightning Spells + 1 EQ Spell) can take down any Air Defense and you can dominate Town Hall 8 in the beginning and middle with just Dragons.

Clan Castle to Lv4

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I know many people prioritize Army Camps over Clan Castle, but the extra space in your Clan Castle is very important. An Army Camp upgrade gives you 5 additional camp slots. While a Clan Castle upgrade also offers 5 more slots, there is a big difference. The clan castle can also be used for defense. Clan Castle is better than 1 Army Camp.

Dark Elixir Exercises at Level 3

In Town Hall 8 you can upgrade your drills to level 3 which is a huge improvement. Tier 3 exercises yield 45 DE per hour, so with 2 of them you can make 1080 Dark Elixir per day for free, which significantly helps to upgrade your Barbarian King and Dark Elixir troops, which are important for wars. 🇧🇷

Barbarian king at level 10

Your Barbarian King is your best troop and will help you a lot in wars and farming, so you shouldn't take too long to upgrade him. Focus on farming the Dark Elixir and upgrade it to level 10 as soon as possible because that's when you unlock your level 2 Iron Fist. And there is a very significant difference in power between a level 1 Iron Fist and an Iron Fist Level 2.

New defenses at level 5 (Archer Tower, Wizard Tower, Mortar, Tesla)

In TH8 you get some new defenses so don't leave them at level 1 but upgrade them to level 5 (Archer Tower, Wizard Tower, Mortar, Tesla) as they will still be able to increase your base's overall strength. Defenses get the biggest DPS boost at lower tiers. So quickly upgrading these new defenses to level 5 will substantially help defense both in wars and when you don't have a shield.

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Dark Barracks up to Lvl 4 (Optional)

With Dark Barracks level 4, you can unlock one of the most fearsome troops in the game, the Golem. You don't really need the Golem in TH8, if only because the Hog Rider and Dragon attacks are much more effective in wars. So it's up to you to decide if you want to upgrade your Dark Barracks to level 4 as soon as possible for the Golem and the extra training space. Otherwise you can just do Dark Barracks at the end of TH8.

skeleton traps

Skeleton traps are very good defenses, as they can distract the archer queen or barbarian king, while your main defenses can do more damage. They are also a very important defense to stop pig riders in wars. They can also be set up to aerate and distract dragons, allowing their air defenses to deal more damage or even drive dragons away from their core. These traps only take 6 hours to upgrade to level 2 and make a huge difference in attacks. So it's definitely worth taking them to level 2 right away.

Air Defense to Lv6

Your air defenses are the most important defense in TH8 simply because a massive dragon attack is among the deadliest war attacks in TH8 and it also doesn't require much skill to easily annihilate a TH8. So your best defense against these dragons is your air defenses. Tier 6 Air Defenses make a huge difference compared to Tier 5 Air Defenses, so if you're serious about wars, you should upgrade your Air Defenses ASAP.

Torres do Mago a Lvl 6

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If you want to protect your loot against some of the more common attacks like Barch, BAM or GiBarch then the Wizard Tower is a very important defense for that. Unlike the Mortar, the Wizard's Tower has less range, but it deals splash damage much faster and can also aim in the air.

Tesla hidden at level 6

Hidden Tesla are your strongest point of defense in TH8, so they should definitely be at the top of your list as well. Now, some people underestimate the Tesla due to its low range and long upgrade time, but it's definitely worth maxing out your Teslas before your Archer Towers. The hidden Tesla only occupy a 2×2 area, which means that the total area they occupy is 4 square tiles. While a defense like an Archers Tower occupies more than double, 9 square areas. Why is this important? This is very important because it allows the Tesla to fit anywhere on your base. 2 Teslas take up a total of 8 square tiles, which is even less than an Archer Tower. While his core can be greatly improved defensively just by adding Teslas to it, which is very easy to do without using up as much space. Not only that, hidden Teslas can sometimes be unpredictable as they are hidden. They are also fast-firing and great at taking out heroes and tanks, especially Pekkas, and can also dock behind high-HP storages to deal heavy damage to threats like dragons. So yeah, don't underestimate Tesla's, they are very important to a successful defense.

AS level 4

The Air Sweeper is actually a very important defense in TH8 because of how deadly Dragon's massive attacks are in this level of Town Hall. There's also only one of these in TH8, and it has a much bigger impact against Dragons compared to Archer Towers due to its ability to slow down very slow Dragons, allowing their Air Defenses to deal extra damage. So if you're serious about wars, you should definitely max your Air Sweeper before your Archer Towers.

Archer Tower at level 10

Unlike a Tesla, Archer Towers occupies a space of 3×3 blocks but has a range of 10 blocks. In TH8, you have a total of 5 Archer Towers, and they all pack a big combo hit against air attacks and ground attacks as well. However, they are usually placed on the outer parts of a TH8 base just because of the large space they take up. They also have a long range, allowing them to protect core areas without needing to be in them. Still, hidden Teslas are better overall and might fit better in your core, so prioritize maxing out Teslas first.

Mortar at level 6

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It is very important to have level 6 mortars because unlike a Lv5 mortar, a Lv6 mortar can take down Lv6 archers in 1 shot, which is very important to defend against TH9s. However, the reason I rate mortars so low is because of their very low importance in wars, as they are horrible against pig riders and cannot hit airborne troops like dragons. While Wizard Towers is significantly better at dealing with balloons and pig riders and can also help deter TH9 Barch attackers.

Cannon at level 10

Cannons are not useless, but they are simply the worst defense for a TH8. They only have a range of 9 pieces. They fire twice as slow as an Archer Turret. They cannot target air troops. All this makes cannons the worst defense and therefore ranked lowest. The best thing about cannons is that they don't take long to upgrade and still do a decent job against tanks, especially against the opposing Barbarian King. But still, they should be at the bottom of your priority list.

Giant bombs and small bombs

A Tier 3 Giant Bomb only gains 25 increased damage from a Tier 2 Giant Bomb and also does not increase range. This is a very small buff and really won't have much of an impact against Runners because 2 Tier 2 Giant Bombs will still be able to KO Runners.

Walls at level 8

The last thing on your list should be the walls. Now this does NOT mean you should upgrade your walls last. Again, this does NOT mean that walls should be updated last. Walls do not require time to upgrade, they only cost gold. What this means is that all of your excess gold must be used to upgrade your walls when you release a builder.

That should conclude this guide. If you have any questions, ask below. Also, keep in mind that many players have different opinions on how to prioritize upgrading and this may differ depending on what type of player you are. For example, if you're more of a war-oriented player than a farmer, you can focus on Air Sweeper and Hidden Teslas before Wizard Tower.
Also, if you are going to upgrade to TH9 soon, check this outTH9 Update Priority GuideI'm sure it can help you a lot.

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I hope this was helpful, if it was I would really appreciate a thumbs up and also subscribing if you haven't because I will have a lot more great guides and content on this blog. Also, I get asked a lot if I own or own cocland and stuff, I don't want people to be confused, I just write guides and help cocland improve the quality of this blog. Thanks for reading and we'll see you again soon. Later!



Should you upgrade everything before town hall? ›

I would suggest not to. Your defenses, walls, and most likely heroes and troops are far from par with your town hall level. If you were to upgrade, you may be given the title of “rushed”. I would personally suggest that you max out your base, walls included.

What's new in th15? ›

When you upgrade to Town Hall 15, you'll be able to place 2 Spell Towers in your Home Village. This tank killing Defense is so sinister, it's constructed and upgraded with Dark Elixir. Even its brooding presence leaves a dark stain on the world around it.

What is the most powerful Defence in COC? ›

In Clash of Clans, the Hybrid Base is the best defensive base that players can use as their primary defensive base against most opponent attacks. The base's defences, such as the Inferno Tower and X-Bows, are strategically placed in attacking positions to deal the most damage to the troops.

What is the longest Clash of Clans upgrade time? ›

The Clan Castle from lv7–8 is 14 days. 14 days is the longest upgrade time in clash of clans. Many TH11 upgrades are this length of time.

Should you max your walls before upgrading town hall? ›

If you have fully upgraded all of your walls and are looting resources faster than your builders can use them, it will likely be more efficient to upgrade your Town Hall and complete the remaining upgrades then. Complete the laboratory upgrades for the troops you use and spells.

When should I stop rushing COC? ›

When should I stop rushing? Upgrade costs begin to get expensive at Town Hall 9 so some people stop rushing at Town Hall 9. Other people rush until they have unlocked a specific troop such as Electro Dragon. Some people will stop rushing at Town Hall 12 because upgrading the Giga Tesla while rushed is hard.

Will there be the 15 in COC? ›

Town Hall 15 has been released as of October 10, 2022.

Will there be a th16 Clash of Clans? ›

As of this writing, Supercell has made no such announcement. However, even so, Clash of Clans has regular upgrades from its creators every few months. In other words, Townhall 16 might potentially take place as early as 2023 if everything goes smoothly.

What is the th15 weapon? ›

The Giga Inferno is a defensive weapon fitted onto the level 15 Town Hall. The Giga Inferno deals very high damage per second to multiple targets at once.

Who is No 1 COC player in the world? ›

Players Games Champion Ranking
1Super MimiWar Test
2NicoLes Victorieux
3WrathMidnite Bash
4ζερΗ ツRage Out!
46 more rows

Who is the No 1 player in COC? ›

Top Players of 2020 for Clash of Clans
Player ID% of Total
57 more rows

Who is the No 1 clan in COC? ›

Clans Trophies Ranking
NameClan Points
1伊拉克 Iraq52,909
4iranian pars52,638
46 more rows

What happens if you leave COC for 100 days? ›

You only lose Leader status if you don't play the game for 90 days. Even if you are inactive for a long time, you will receive screen notifications encouraging you to log in and manage your Clan again.

When was COC at its peak? ›

Three months after launch, it was already the highest grossing game in the United States, and in 2013 it was the most profitable game worldwide. Clash of Clans is one of the few mobile games to surpass 500 million downloads on iOS and Android, while also being one of the few to surpass $1 billion yearly revenue.

Can you sell Clash of Clans accounts? ›

Selling, buying, sharing, or giving game accounts to other players is against our Terms of Service, and never endorsed by Supercell. The risks surrounding account sales are: The seller may take your money and never give you the account.

Is it better to rush town hall? ›

Although it was never explicitly stated in-game that you shouldn't rush your Town Hall, word advising newer players not to do so became commonplace. But nowadays, quality of life improvements and changes to the game economy made rushing much less of a mistake.

Can you max all walls in COC? ›

Statistics. *Only 200 walls can be upgraded to level 16.

Why is COC so addictive? ›

The problem with this game model is that it plays on our innate desire to see measurable growth. We as human beings love to see measurable progress as it makes us feel good. Addiction to this feel-good sensation is a big part of video game addiction as a whole.

Is it OK to rush COC? ›

COC is a strategic game ,these type games take time and more time. You can't rush to win. Better find solid team, work with them,build sturdy clan then attack.

Is Clash of Clans ending in 2022? ›

Clash of Clans is not shutting down in 2022. Although it may not be as popular as it once was, it's still a juggernaut in the gaming space.

Will COC be shut down? ›

The game isn't going anywhere. In fact, support is as strong as it's ever been, with a recent update introducing the Clash Games, which is a series of minigames to enjoy in your village.

Is COC going to stop? ›

The answer to that question is No, there are no plans or reasons for Supercell to discontinue or shut down Clash of Clans. Supercell has successfully expanded on the COC universe with four new spin-off games.

Is COC still playable? ›

Coc is one of the few games which are popular from its release till now. Clash of Clans has a worldwide audience who will continue to play it. What do you think of the latest Clash of Clans update (4/2/2019)?

Did clash of clans remove barracks? ›

Well, Supercell is addressing that too. Moving forward all production buildings — Barracks, Dark Barracks, Spell Factory, Dark Spell Factory and Siege Workshop — will still be able to keep training units while they are upgrading.

What th do you get Eagle Artillery? ›

Summary. The Eagle Artillery is a very powerful defense that has a range that covers almost the entire map but has a blind spot similar to the Mortar. It is unlocked at Town Hall level 11.

What is the max level of Royal Champion? ›

Follow-up upgrades per level will cost you Dark Elixir too. The maximum level that the Royal Champion can be upgraded to is Level 30. Each upgrade will improve her DPS, Regeneration time, and HP. For the full list of upgrade costs and stats per level, find them here.

What should I upgrade first in town hall? ›

So What do I Upgrade First?
  • Your new traps. They don't take any time to build, so why not do it now.
  • Your newly unlocked defenses. ...
  • Your new defenses at your Town Hall level. ...
  • Your Inferno Towers, if you have them. ...
  • Your X-Bows. ...
  • Your splash defenses, namely Wizard Tower and Mortar. ...
  • Air Defenses. ...
  • Hidden Teslas.

What should I upgrade first when I upgrade my town hall? ›

Heroes are the most important upgrade in the game. It's more important than any defense or regular troop. If you have maxed Heroes you own the game and can attack any village regardless of defenses or base layout. So don't waste any time and go for it!

How much does upgrading town hall reduce loot? ›

Loot Penalty
Town Hall Level DifferencePercentage of Loot Available
Same or higher level100%
1 level lower80%
2 levels lower50%
3 levels lower25%
2 more rows

What should I upgrade before Town Hall 11? ›

First things first, what you will need to upgrade immediately after the Town Hall upgrade is The Clan Castle.

How can I upgrade my COC faster? ›

Max out collectors first.

If you start to go for other things like walls and defenses first, it is going to take a long time to get the gold and elixir needed for these upgrades. If you have your collectors maxed out for your level, then you will be able to get these upgrades faster in the long run.

Should you rush town hall? ›

Although it was never explicitly stated in-game that you shouldn't rush your Town Hall, word advising newer players not to do so became commonplace. But nowadays, quality of life improvements and changes to the game economy made rushing much less of a mistake.

Should I use hammer on town hall? ›

A Hammer of Heroes is not needed at the start of any Town Hall. If you are considering buying one from the League Shop, then it's best to buy a Hammer of Building instead because of its much bigger value at this stage, or buying Research Potions if you want to speed up your army researches.

Should I max Town Hall 10? ›

It is always recommended to upgrade your town hall only after every building, troop, wall, and hero is completely maxed. If you are the anxious type, at least wait until everything besides heroes are maxed. If you make the move too soon, your offense will never be able to hit a normal TH10 for more than 1 or 2 stars.

What is most important to upgrade in COC? ›

The Rage Spell is the best spell in the game hands down. It makes your troops faster and stronger, making it great for destroying villages faster. Unlocked at Town Hall 7, this spell isn't the cheapest to upgrade, but is definitely the most useful.


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