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Brain Injury in a Car Crash on the Ronald Reagan Turnpike? Or maybe he got hit by a car in the parking lot of Sam's Club on Nw 84th Avenue. Regardless of where and how your injuries occurred, you need legal counsel by your side during this difficult time. Brain injury attorneys at Dolman Law Group are here to help.

Brain injuries are among the most life-changing injuries a person can sustain in an accident. Victims often find that they lack many of the skills they once had. Even relatively "mild" brain injuries like concussions can seriously disrupt your daily life and take months to feel better. If you suffered a brain injury and someone else was at fault, you can legally hold that person responsible. However, you need an aggressive Doral brain injury attorney by your side right from the start.

At Dolman Law Group we are ready to help you after you have suffered a serious brain injury in an accident in Doral. We offer free case reviews to accident victims and their families from our office in Doral.

Why Choose Our Brain Injury Attorneys?

Our brain injury lawyers in Doral can help you get compensation and medical bills if your brain injury is causing memory, speech or motor problems. We have years of training and experience in settlement negotiations and civil litigation to obtain maximum compensation so you can get on the fast track to recovery.

Some of our recent brain injury findings in Florida include:

  • $3.85 million settlement for brain injury in truck accident
  • $3.2 million settlement for brain injury in truck accident
  • $1.4 million in compensation for serious injuries
  • $1 million motorcycle brain injury settlement
  • $750,000 settlement for a brain injury sustained in a rear-end car crash
  • $500,000 Car Accident Brain Injury Settlement

While past success is never a guarantee of future results, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have had Doral's experienced brain injury attorneys by your side every step of the way. We protect our clients' rights, represent their interests and strive for justice and fair compensation based on the details of your accident.

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Dolman Law Group has many convenient locations in Florida and you will find our Doral office at 8400 NW 36th St. Suite 450.

The Doral office is located on NW 36th Street, just two blocks from Hyatt Place Miami Airport-West/Doral and four blocks from the Holiday Inn Miami-Doral. Our brain injury attorneys offer a free consultation and review, and we can meet you anywhere in our service area, even virtually.

Causes of brain injuries in Doral

It is estimated that more than 200,000 people in Florida are living with a disability related to a brain injury, and that number could rise to 260,000 in the next few years. In 2005, 93,000 brain injuries occurred in Florida, resulting in 3,900 deaths and 17,500 hospitalizations.

The brain is well protected in the skull. However, he is prone to injury in certain situations. People can be injured in the following ways:

  • Trauma.Any trauma of sufficient force to the head or body can cause the brain to shift within the skull and impinge on its inner surface. Car accidents, slips and falls, and sports accidents can cause enough trauma to disrupt brain function.
  • Penetration.If an object enters the skull, it can damage brain tissue directly. A typical example is a gunshot wound to the head.
  • lack of oxygen.The brain needs oxygen to function properly, and when it is deprived of oxygen, brain cells begin to die. This condition can occur any time a person stops breathing, such as during a drowning incident.

As you can see, many brain injuries can occur in accidents or incidents caused by another party's negligence. In these circumstances, Florida law generally allows victims to file a claim and seek compensation to cover their medical bills, ongoing care costs, lost income, and more. Evidence of this damage is the basis of a personal injury claim.

Consequences of brain injuries

The brain is central to the body's nervous system, controlling our body movements as well as thoughts and emotions. Not surprisingly, brain injuries can disrupt your normal physical and mental functioning to such an extent that some victims require 24-hour monitoring or care. Consider the following consequences:

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  • communication problems.A person may not be able to speak or understand language after a brain injury.
  • poor memory.A person with a brain injury often suffers from short-term or "working" memory loss.
  • visual problems.A brain injury can affect your ability to recognize certain shapes or objects, including human faces.
  • reduced motivation.Brain injuries can produce a feeling of lethargy.
  • Limited ability to reason.You may not be able to understand the rules or think logically after TBI.
  • behavior changes.People with brain injuries sometimes show reduced impulse control and other personality changes. Victims may experience mood swings, depression, anxiety, and anger. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is also common.
  • Impaired mobility.Victims may lose the ability to move parts of their body or experience a general loss of coordination or balance. The limbs may become stiff or spastic.
  • sensory deprivation.After a brain injury, you may notice changes in your ability to hear, see, touch, or taste.

Each brain injury affects patients differently, so you may only notice some or all of these symptoms. With a minor brain injury, your problems may only be temporary. However, the degree of severity depends on circumstances, including age and general health, and the part of the brain affected.

Treatments for brain injuries in Doral

Brain injury is a serious and emerging condition. If paramedics attending an accident scene suspect a traumatic brain injury or other brain involvement, they will likely recommend evacuation to the nearest hospital. In some cases an airlift may be required. The sooner a doctor can assess and diagnose this type of injury, the better.

Depending on the brain injury, some people may need surgery to remove blood clots or relieve pressure on the brain. This measure can help prevent injuries from getting worse with swelling, bleeding, and other complications. People with moderate to severe brain injuries are often taken to the emergency room so they can be conceivedTreatmentto stabilize your condition, including:

  • Being on a ventilator to help you breathe
  • Receiving an IV for fluids and medication
  • Heart function monitoring with an EKG machine
  • Monitoring brain function with an EEG machine
  • Assess your memory, level of consciousness and other important markers
  • Monitoring intracranial pressure to prevent further injury

Victims of severe brain injuries may also need surgery to relieve pressure or stop bleeding in the skull. Once a patient is stabilized and discharged from the emergency room, they can be transferred to the intensive care unit or trauma room. A brain injury victim often transitions to step-down treatment that provides interim care before being fully discharged from the hospital.

However, most of your treatment will be rehabilitation as you try to train your mind and body to relearn tasks that previously came easily to you. Depending on the severity of the injury and the skills lost, rehabilitation may be inpatient or outpatient. After a brain injury, you may need to plan for the followingRehabilitation:

  • Speech and language therapy to regain communication skills
  • Occupational therapy to help you relearn daily living chores like dressing and brushing your teeth
  • Physiotherapy to improve your mobility and balance
  • Psychiatric care to help you cope with the emotional and mental effects of a traumatic brain injury

Therapy can be temporary or long-term. Some brain injury patients make a full recovery, while others need help for the rest of their lives. Our team will work with medical experts to determine the level of care you need and the cost of that continued care for as long as it is needed.

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Many of our clients in the brain injury legal department require specialized treatment for their injuries. Some of the best places for brain injury treatment in Doral include the University of Miami Health System, the Miami Neuroscience Institute, the Christien E. Lynn Rehabilitation Center, and the Children's Concussion Clinic at Children's Hospital Nicklaus.

Hold someone accountable for your brain injury

Brain injury victims often come to us confused about what to do and worried about the future. In particular, these injuries often cause increasing medical costs while the victim is also disabled. Fortunately, compensation is available if your attorney at Dolman Law Group can show that someone is legally responsible for your injury.

In some cases, you can bring a lawsuit against someone for intentionally hurting them. In other cases, the person responsible did not want to hurt you. Rather, they were negligent, and that negligence caused your injury. Common examples are:

  • A distracted driver collides with you
  • A boatman who is not looking where he is going and hits a wake causing you to hit your head or fall overboard
  • A dive company that doesn't check their equipment, resulting in malfunctions and a near-drowning.
  • An anesthetist does not provide enough oxygen during surgery
  • A doctor who delivers a baby incorrectly, reducing the flow of oxygen to the baby's brain.

In these and similar cases, you can file a negligence lawsuit and, if successful, receive compensation. The key will be to prove that the defendant did not exercise due care due to the circumstances, which can be a complex analysis requiring expert opinion and testimony. Our attorneys know how to build a strong case to prove the negligence and liability of the other party or parties.

We also have the resources and legal knowledge to handle these cases, whether it is to negotiate a fair settlement with the guilty party's insurance company or to prepare a lawsuit and represent our client before a judge and jury. May:

  • Investigate what happened and gather evidence.
  • Talk to your medical team to get an idea of ​​your condition and prognosis
  • Prove negligence and liability.
  • Evaluate the case, including current and future care needs
  • Look for economic and non-economic damage
  • Negotiate with the insurer
  • Manage communication and correspondence with all stakeholders.
  • File a personal injury claim according to state time limits
  • Represent in a jury trial if necessary

Like most Florida personal injury law firms, we operate on a contingency fee basis. We do not require any advance payment from our customers. We don't charge anything up front, by the hour or out of pocket. We collect attorneys' fees only after receipt of the insurance settlement check or jury verdict, and our fees are an agreed percentage of that total recovery.

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Brain injuries present unique challenges for survivors and their families. Fortunately, there is help. At Dolman Law Group, we pride ourselves on representing clients with brain injuries. We fight for our customers' legal right to fair compensation for injuries caused by someone else, and we work hard to ensure our customers are in the best possible position to get on with their lives.

Contact ustoday for a free consultation with one of our team members. There is no risk or obligation.

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What our customers have to say:

“My experience with this law firm was extremely pleasant. After being involved in an accident that injured me, I was able to get treatment from the best doctors in the area. I was fortunate to have a team to help me plan my appointments, accommodating both my full-time work schedule and my demanding grad school schedule. Even after moving out of state to New York, I was able to stay with this law firm and continue treatment in South Florida while continuing to remain under the care of the doctors I felt most comfortable with. Although I have suffered injuries and struggled in that regard, the team here were able to ensure that I could continue working and keep up with grad school as I moved to a new state.”

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ana Slough
August 2018
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How much can you get for a spine injury? ›

The average settlement for a back injury accident ranges from $10,000 to $100,000. Settlements can also be lower or higher than these averages, with some cases settling in the millions of dollars. This wide value range results because back trauma is a complex injury with a broad range of severity.

Will we ever be able to fix spinal cord injuries? ›

Unfortunately, there is no way to reverse the damages to the spinal cord, and SCI treatment currently focuses on the prevention of further injuries. In a recent discovery by scientists at Northwestern University, however, a new molecule has been found that can repair and reverse the paralysis caused by SCI.

How do you evaluate the degree of a spinal cord injury? ›

These tests can include:
  1. X-rays. X-rays can reveal vertebral (spinal column) problems, tumors, fractures or degenerative changes in the spine.
  2. CT scan. A CT scan can provide a clearer image of abnormalities seen on X-ray. ...
  3. MRI. MRI uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to produce computer-generated images.
Oct 2, 2021

Why is it so hard to fix spinal cord injuries? ›

The spinal cord, part of our central nervous system, is an amazingly complex matrix of nerve cells and support cells. Following injury to the spinal cord, the damaged cells face anatomical, physiological, chemical, and immune system changes that hinder their attempts at regeneration.

How much should I settle for a back and neck injury? ›

The national average settlement amount for a neck and back injury is $925,169, while the median amount is $316,000, according to a recent study conducted by The Miley Legal Group.

How long does it take to get injury compensation? ›

Once an insurance company has admitted liability and agreed to process the claim, they tend to move quickly. Some claimants receive their compensation in a few days. More commonly, the claimant will receive their compensation payment within 2 and 4 weeks.

What is the new drug to repair spinal cord? ›

The drug, known as AZD1390, has shown promise in the lab, regenerating nerves and restoring sensory and motor functions in animal models with spinal trauma. Teams also found that a different but similar drug, AZD1236, can block inflammation in the spine following spinal injury.

What is the new treatment for spinal cord injury 2023? ›

Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) is a promising alternative treatment that uses focused magnetic pulses to non-invasively modulate brain activity, a strategy that can potentially circumvent the adverse effects of available treatments for pain.

How long does it take to walk again after spinal cord injury? ›

The time period a patient needs to rehabilitate depends on the patient's injury and ability to heal. Some patients can take a few weeks to regain the ability to walk, while others take several months or longer.

What is considered a high spinal cord injury? ›

High-Cervical Nerves (C1 – C4)

Patient may not be able to breathe on his or her own, cough, or control bowel or bladder movements. Ability to speak is sometimes impaired or reduced. When all four limbs are affected, this is called tetraplegia or quadriplegia.

What is considered a severe spinal cord injury? ›

Cervical spinal cord injuries affect the head and neck region above the shoulders. It is the most severe level of spinal cord injury.

How painful is a spinal cord injury? ›

In spinal cord injury (SCI) patients, chronic pain is common. It impacts about 70% of patients with one-third of these experiencing severely intense pain impacting on mood, functioning, and quality of life. The pain can be nociceptive, neuropathic, or visceral.

Can a spinal cord injury get worse? ›

Even if you experience only mild symptoms after an accident, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Spinal cord injuries can worsen when they are not diagnosed and treated in time.

What is the best treatment for spinal cord injury? ›

Surgery: Surgery is performed to stabilize the spine to prevent future pain or deformity. It is also necessary to remove broken fragments of bones, adhered foreign objects, herniated disks that appear to compress the spine.

Are most spinal cord injuries permanent? ›

Spinal cord injuries are catastrophic, leading to life-changing consequences that can last for decades. While there are some instances where a person can eventually recover fully after suffering damage to the spinal cord, the unfortunate truth is that, in most cases, this type of injury will be permanent.

How much is a neck strain worth? ›

How much is a neck injury worth? It will vary depending on the type of injury, but the average payout for a neck injury is between $5,000 and $50,000. Soft tissue neck injury claims are worth between $5,000 and $20,000 on average. Neck disc injury cases that result in surgery average over $200,000.

What is the largest personal injury settlement ever? ›

Here are the Largest Personal Injury Awards & Settlements in US History
  1. $206 Billion Dollars for The Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement. ...
  2. $150 Billion For The Family of Robert Middleton. ...
  3. $20 Billion for the BP Oil Spill. ...
  4. $4.9 Billion For The Anderson Family From General Motors.
Jun 20, 2022

What is level 3 whiplash? ›

Grade 3 – Grade 3 whiplash injuries are serious, often requiring immediate and ongoing medical treatment. Range of motion is severely limited and pain in the neck, shoulders, and head is usually constant.

Should I accept the first offer of compensation? ›

you don't have to accept any offer that's made to you. If you do accept an offer it might be lower than the compensation you would have got if you'd used a solicitor or gone to court instead. don't feel under any pressure to make a decision quickly.

How long after medical report will I get an offer? ›

However, the reasonable band of timescales for provision of a report after a medical examination probably ranges from about 6 to 10 weeks. You would expect that, once the insurers receive any medical report, they should be in a position to make a settlement offer to you within four weeks or so.

How is injury compensation calculated? ›

Your compensation will be calculated by adding together: General damages - awarded for pain, suffering and loss of amenity (PSLA), and; Special damages - awarded for any financial losses or costs you have incurred.

Can the spinal cord regenerate and heal itself? ›

People who survive severe spinal cord injuries often experience life-long disability. Adult nerve cells in the spinal cord don't regrow after damage. Why they don't, and how they might be encouraged to do so, have been areas of extensive research. Axons require a great deal of energy to regrow.

How much is a spinal cord implant? ›

Costs vary from hospital to hospital, healthcare system to healthcare system, and region to region. An analysis at New Choice Health suggested that the costs of implanting a spinal cord stimulator in several major US cities range from $13,000 to over $50,000.

Which spinal cord injury has the best prognosis? ›

Generally, nerve injuries in your thoracic spine (mid-back) have a lower chance of recovery than those in your cervical (neck) or lumbar (low back) spine. One reason for this is because nerve damage in your thoracic spine is harder to identify, which underscores the importance of early diagnosis to long-term outcomes.

Which spinal cord syndrome has the best prognosis? ›

Central cord syndrome in young patients has a relatively good prognosis. Recovery usually follows a characteristic pattern. The lower extremities recover strength first, bladder function next, and the proximal upper extremities and hands last (Fig. 104-8).

Can Stem Cells Fix spinal cord injuries? ›

Studies have shown that stem cells can protect and regenerate the injured spinal cord through neuroprotection, immunomodulation, axon sprouting and/or regeneration, neuronal relay formation, and myelin regeneration, among other mechanisms [4, 7].

What is the average life expectancy for spinal cord injury? ›

The life expectancy for a person aged 20 years who suffers a high tetraplegia spinal injury and survives at least one year is around 33.7 years. This statistic shows the life expectancy for spinal cord injuries in the U.S. for those who survive at least one year post-injury, as of 2021.

What do your legs feel like after a spinal cord injury? ›

Nerve Damage

This kind of leg pain can range from tingling to sharp, shooting or burning sensations. Another result of nerve damage that can cause leg pain after spinal cord injury is spasticity (involuntary muscle contractions).

What is the most severe complication of a spinal cord injury? ›

A spinal cord injury can cause circulatory problems ranging from low blood pressure when you rise (orthostatic hypotension) to swelling of your extremities. These circulation changes can also increase your risk of developing blood clots, such as deep vein thrombosis or a pulmonary embolus.

What are the three types of spinal cord injuries? ›

There are four types of spinal cord injury: cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral.

What is life like with spinal cord injury? ›

Symptoms may include partial or complete loss of sensory function or motor control of arms, legs and/or body. The most severe spinal cord injury affects the systems that regulate bowel or bladder control, breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. Most people with spinal cord injury experience chronic pain.

Does spinal cord injury affect the brain? ›

Spinal cord injury causes inflammation which can affect the whole nervous system – this includes the brain, and the brain can be very sensitive to inflammation and pressure.

What level of spinal cord injury impairs breathing? ›

A patient with a complete injury above C5 will typically have impaired diaphragm function and is likely to require a period of endotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation [30]. A C5 injury level may also involve diaphragm weakness but is more likely to be associated with the ability to breathe independently.

What is the most common pain after a spinal cord injury? ›

Neuropathic pain (or nerve pain) is the most common type of pain after SCI. It may be described as a burning, squeezing, aching, or tight pain. It may occur as a band around the level of the SCI, or it may affect the entire body below the level of the SCI.

What organs are affected by spinal cord injury? ›

Short- and long-term complications following SCI can occur in the nervous system (such as neurogenic pain and depression), lungs (such as pulmonary edema and respiratory failure), cardiovascular system (such as orthostatic hypotension and autonomic dysreflexia), spleen (such as splenic atrophy and leukopenia), urinary ...

How much does it cost to treat a spinal cord injury? ›

After the first year, costs tend to go down. Spinal cord injury patients with high tetraplegia incur costs of about $184,000 annually, compared to $113,000 for people with low tetraplegia. Paraplegia costs about $69,000 each year, while incomplete motor function produces the lowest costs, of about $42,000.

What painkillers treat spinal cord injuries? ›

Opioid analgesics represent one of the most effective drugs for treating moderate to severe pain associated with spinal cord injury. Strong-agonist opioids such as morphine remain the most popular drugs used to treat severe pain due to their high affinity for mu-receptors located in the CNS.

How much is a fractured spine worth? ›

Generally, if there was surgery, a spinal compression fracture settlement ranges from $150,000 to $350,000. If a person has a permanent disability from the spinal compression fracture, the settlement ranges from $350,000 to over $1 million.

What is a serious spinal injury? ›

A spinal cord injury can cause one or more symptoms, including: Numbness, tingling, or a loss of or changes in sensation in hands and feet. Paralysis that may happen immediately or develop over time as swelling and bleeding affects the spinal cord. Pain or pressure in your head, neck, or back. Loss of movement.

How do you make money with a back injury? ›

The top causes of chronic back pain include poor physical condition, disease, aging and injury.
Ideal Jobs for People Suffering from Back Pain
  1. Content writer. ...
  2. Office job. ...
  3. Customer service representative. ...
  4. Tech worker. ...
  5. Accountant. ...
  6. Sales representative. ...
  7. Self-employment. ...
  8. Home school teacher.
Jan 22, 2020

How serious are spinal injuries? ›

A spinal cord injury can cause circulatory problems ranging from low blood pressure when you rise (orthostatic hypotension) to swelling of your extremities. These circulation changes can also increase your risk of developing blood clots, such as deep vein thrombosis or a pulmonary embolus.

How much should I settle for a lower back injury? ›

For lower back injury settlements like sprains and strains, the average settlement is between $10,000 and $50,000. Our personal injury attorneys have access to a nationwide database that helps them place a value on your case.

How much is a spinal fusion settlement? ›

The average settlement compensation payout for a back injury lawsuit involving spinal fusion surgery is between $150,000 and $200,000. One factor that limits the settlement value in spinal fusion auto tort cases is the limits of applicable insurance coverage.

Which spinal cord injury is the most fatal? ›

Cervical spinal cord injuries affect the head and neck region above the shoulders. It is the most severe level of spinal cord injury.

What is the life expectancy for spinal cord injury? ›

The life expectancy for a person aged 20 years who suffers a high tetraplegia spinal injury and survives at least one year is around 33.7 years. This statistic shows the life expectancy for spinal cord injuries in the U.S. for those who survive at least one year post-injury, as of 2021.

What back injury qualifies for disability? ›

The back problems that qualify for disability include herniated discs, nerve root compression, degenerative disc disease. To get disability for pain problems, one of the follow conditions must be severe enough that you will be out of work for at least 12 months.

Are back injuries permanent? ›

Back strains and muscle spasms are very common and unfortunately, there is not an immediate cure for this type of an injury.

What job has the most back injuries? ›

6 Leading Occupations Causing Back Injuries
  • Construction workers. Construction work typically entails lifting, carrying, bending, pulling, and tugging daily. ...
  • Healthcare providers. ...
  • Warehouse workers. ...
  • Drivers. ...
  • Gardeners and landscapers. ...
  • Office workers.
Sep 13, 2019


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