FFXIV: What Should You Do With Old Gear? – Fandom Point (2023)

As you roam the loot-filled world of Eorzea, you often come across a stack of gear that quickly takes up all the space in your armory.

Managing your inventory can be one of the most difficult challenges for both new and experienced warriors of the light.

Being aware of all your options for your seemingly outdated gear, plus a trash can, will ensure your adventure doesn't get off the rails.

Nobody wants to put a mission to save the world on hold just to organize a massive collection of hats...

So here are our tips on what to do with your old gear when it's time for a little spring cleaning.

Store gear for alternate jobs

FFXIV: What Should You Do With Old Gear? – Fandom Point (1)

You can switch jobs in FFXIV and level them up at will.

So it's a good idea to check your old devices to see if you can use them in the future.

Jobs can even be added surprisingly, such as:Addition of Blue Mage.

Tanks, healers, and DPS generally share gear (aside from a few specific sets).

Holding on to them can hold yoursItem Level (ilvl)relevant, you will not be excluded from your obligations to meet the minimum requirements.

Dungeon gear specialIt's worth keeping as it fills odd tiers while crafted gear can fill even tiers.

The really best sets to keep are the ones that would count as "endgame" during their respective expansions.

They offer the highest ilvl at that particular cap and can comfortably last long periods of quests and dungeons.

These are usually bought with a limited or weekly currency calledtomatoes, which can be purchased in addition to Daily Wheels from any Duty Level 50 or higher.

Keeping these level 50, 60, 70, and 80 sets is a great way to save space, especially as they will add more jobs in the future.

(Video) FFXIV Inventory cleaning guide | how to organize in Shadowbringers

Spirit Link Team for Materia

All of your gear, whether you're crafting, collecting, or killing monsters, gains a stat called Spirit Bond.

Different tariffs and zones may have different effects on the rate you earn, but the result is the same.

When you reach 100%, opening a piece of gear's submenu allows you to extract a piece of Materia, thereby restoring your Spiritbond to 1%.

FFXIV: What Should You Do With Old Gear? – Fandom Point (2)

Some gear (particularly the crafting and gathering sets) are worth keeping because they can be so valuableto unite them with the spirit.

Depending on the gear, you'll end up with a different type of relevant Materia.

Gathering equipment gives you materia that affects that job's stats, and the same goes for artisans and disciples of war or magic.

FFXIV Materia, in Final Fantasy lore, can be placed on your team to provide bonuses relevant to that job, such as: B. Cast speed or critical hit value.

If you come across a bunch of useless Materia, you can always take a short trip thereMutamix bubble potsin the center of Thanalan.

There you can play the transmutation lottery.

For every five pieces of Materia you provide, you will receive another in return.

Sometimes it can even be of higher quality.

That could beparticularly usefulwhen trying to get certain stats about your team.

Synthesize gears for materials

Once you reach level 30 in a crafting profession, you can continue the quest."In pieces"an Ul'dah.

Upon completion, synthesis is available from the submenu of almost every item in the game.

Desynthesehas several advantages, but basically it allows you to break down many of the items you find into usable materials for crafting.

(Video) Final Fantasy XIV - How to Gear Up

Some of them areonly required for missions.

FFXIV: What Should You Do With Old Gear? – Fandom Point (3)

This can save you some gil if you need obscure or hard-to-get materials.

It also increases an independent skill that you can get at higher statseven rarer materialsin exchange for your efforts.

Beginning with patch 5.55, weapons from Trials can be broken down into boss-specific rare components.

These weapons can be used in special recipes to craft crazier versions of the weapons with special effects.

The only thing better than a fancy sword is a fancy sword that also emits lasers.

Make the team your great company

Around level 20 in the main story, you join a large corporation.

And then you can begin the arduous task of climbing the ranks.

This has many advantages, such as B. Access to special equipment or a cool hat for your chocobo.

The best returns come from achievementSecond Class Sergeant, when Expert Delivery is available.

FFXIV: What Should You Do With Old Gear? – Fandom Point (4)

Expert Delivery allows you to deliver requested items (or random gear you have available) for seals or crafting and earning experience points.

Stamps can be spent in your Great Company to purchase a variety of useful items:

Free Teleport Tickets, Venture Coins (a former currencyyour retainers), special crafting materials, and even more equipment to name a few.

Of particular interest are the articles requested for the newspaperSupply and Supply Missionsrewards the appropriate hand or earth disciple with tons of experience points.

These reset every day and scale with your level, so you always get plenty of experience for the job in question.

(Video) FFXIV | Glamour Guide For NEW PLAYERS! ♥

Even deliver a high quality itemmore impulsesthe experience reward.

So even if you're just dipping your toes in the crafting and gathering pond, it's a great way to level up quickly.

Put gear on your retainer to increase its iLvl

After hiring your followers, you also gain access to their priceless 175 inventory slots (each).

The benefits don't end there, however.

They also have various other features that players can often overlook.

FFXIV: What Should You Do With Old Gear? – Fandom Point (5)

By giving your retainer aGesellschaft, you can assign different functions to them.

This could be searching the void for random items like fish (mostly fish) or unique dungeon specific gear or high quality house furniture.

The way to get the most out of your retainers when they step up is to at least wear them with proper gear.

Your servant's ilvlequates to receiving better rewards from your ventures.

Certain tier ranges have corresponding thresholds that maximize the amount of materials you receive.

A great way to ensure your mounts are up to the task is to tape your old gear to them.

A minion's job shares its max level with yours, so if you're just a level 5 caster but a level 80 dragon, it's best to have this as your top job.

Disciples of War and Magic, unlike Disciples of the Hand or Earth, have different ventures available.

Store your gear in your dresser or glamor closet

Love the style but need the space?

Before you throw away your beloved favorite blouse, take a trip to your local inn.

(Video) FFXIV: Starter Guide for Fresh Level 80 Players - And where to find Content

Every major city in the game has one. There you can retire to a personal room with all your hiding spots.

The closet allows you to storeany devicereceived as part of a seasonal mission or promotion, e.g. B. by purchasing a Collector's Edition.

In addition, you can also accommodate a very limited amount of work equipment. This is useful for making the most of your space in the game, albeit with certain caveats.

FFXIV: What Should You Do With Old Gear? – Fandom Point (6)

However, the real prize here is your glamor dresser that offers asatte 400 Slotsfor all your electronic hoarding needs.

It can store any gear and gives you access to your favorite outfits through Glamor Plates.

Glamor Plates can quickly apply a saved skin to a new gear set to keep you looking fresh.

In addition, equipment for regular use can be freely removed from the dresser, allowing you to keep your inventory organized.

Craft gear on a level to gain experience

Level quests are repeatable quests available in almost every town or settlement in the game.

And once unlocked, they can give you a quick boost in experience points as you rummage through your bag to make room.

players win 3level assignmentsfor 12 hours and stacks up to 100.

FFXIV: What Should You Do With Old Gear? – Fandom Point (7)

If you don't partake in these quests, chances are you'll always have some available.

And while not every piece of gear has a corresponding mission, many do.

Leves come in stacks every 5 levels and are available to each student in the corresponding hand.

The delivery of high-quality equipment is particularly efficient here, as it offers twice the experience.

Since weapons are exclusive to jobs, a good rule of thumb is to keep an eye out for leves requests if you're interested in crafting.

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What should I do with old gear ff14? ›

Vendor, turn them in for company seals, save them in retainer/glam dresser if you like them. I turn in the majority of my old gear for company seals and spend them on ventures, aetheryte tickets, glamor prisms, etc.

How do you get the answers to orchestrion roll? ›

Answers Orchestrion Rolls can be crafted by alchemists as a level 60 ★★ recipe with the following materials:
  1. [Blank Grade 3 Orchestrion Roll] x1.
  2. File:Enchanted Aurum Regis Ink. ...
  3. File:Faded Copy of Thunderer. ...
  4. File:Faded Copy of Rise of the White Raven. ...
  5. File:Faded Copy of Answers. ...
  6. [Water Cluster] x2.
  7. [Lightning Cluster] x2.

How do you reply to a tell in ff14? ›

To use this feature, select the player's name in the chat log, press X (□ button on the PS5™/PS4™) and choose "Reply in Selected Chat Mode." This is especially useful if you change chat groups frequently. Similarly, you can also contact that player directly by selecting "Send Tell" from the subcommands.

Where do you sell gear Ffxiv? ›

Listing Items on the Market Board

Tap the Sell button. Select the item you wish to list for sale from your character, retainer, or chocobo's inventory and tap Create Listing. Set the sale price. The current market price for that item will be displayed at the bottom of the screen to help you choose your asking price.

Should I dismantle old gear? ›

In general, you should dismantle your old gear instead of selling it. While selling your gear will reward you with instant gold, there's a decent chance that you may come across more valuable items when you start dismantling your old gear.

Is repairing your own gear worth it FFXIV? ›

Repair Your Own Gear and Exceed 100% Durability

While menders can restore your gear to 100% durability, repairing it yourself allows you to exceed this, and have the item last even longer than usual. For example, repairing an item that is at 99% durability will increase it to 199%.

How does Pat Metheny orchestrion work? ›

He calls it an orchestrion -- a collection of real, self-playing acoustic instruments. He's recorded an album with it and is taking it on the road, playing his guitar while his computer triggers a full range of acoustic instruments at the same time. There's no studio trickery, no overdubs.

Can you sell orchestrion rolls? ›

With several exceptions, most orchestrion rolls can be traded or sold on the market board, and can be viewed under the "Orchestrion Components" category.

Where can I use orchestrion rolls? ›

Orchestrion list. After obtaining a roll, use it to add the track to the orchestration list. Accessing an orchestrion will open the settings interface. From here players can listen to any registered tracks, as well as select that track to play in the player's estate or apartment.

What counts as harassment in FFXIV? ›


"Harassment" is speech and/or behavior that inflicts deep emotional distress on another person. It is an extremely serious violation. Where Square Enix determines that harassment has occurred, a penalty equal to or higher than a "Temporary Service Account Suspension" may be imposed.

Do dialogue choices matter in ff14? ›

You, do, but amounts to nothing. You have a choice during the main scenario. No matter what you pick for those choice it doesn't change your dialogue.

Is swearing allowed in FFXIV? ›

From the TOS: 3.3 Profanity and Offensive Language. You may not use profanity or any language that a reasonable person would find offensive. The Game is for players aged 13 and older.

How do I sell old gear new world? ›

Selling items requires the use of the Sell tab. Use the categories on the left-hand side to find the items you want to sell. The sections are divided into groups such as weapons, clothes, and resources. Find the items you want to sell, select it, and then choose Place Sell Order.

Does it matter where your retainer sells Ffxiv? ›

This affects tax. If you're Retainer is stationed in UD and you ask him/her to sell an item, it'll show as being sold in UD. Taxes are lowest for buyers buying that item in UD, and higher if bought from other city states. Other than that, doesn't really matter.

Can you trade dungeon gear? ›

You can only trade an item to players that were present for the kill, eligible for loot, and within two hours of online time. If the player you want to trade with is not from the same realm, the trade must be completed before leaving the dungeon or raid instance.

Should I sell gear or dismantle? ›

A general rule of thumb when deciding. When players are leveling up, it's a good idea for them to dismantle items instead of selling them because they can get rare items this way as well as sell them for gold if they need to. Not every item can be dismantled, which is something players should keep in mind as well.

Should I dismantle all Sunset gear? ›

just dismantle them if you want some cores back and will never use them again. Any weapon From Shadowkeep / Vex Offensive and older will be sunset (max power level 1060 so this season is the last one they can be upgraded). Just dismantle them.

Is being a blacksmith worth it Ffxiv? ›

Besides being able to make weapons for most classes, Blacksmiths also can make nuggets and ingot which are used in a lot of other crafting recipes. So this class is not use useful in terms of other combat classes, but for other crafting classes as well.

Is Ffxiv worth restarting? ›

It's not worth starting fresh for the experience points. For your main battle class, level is not usually what gates you from content. The main story quests are what gate you. A lot of people exceed the level of their main story quest without any special buffs.

Is Moonward gear worth it Ffxiv? ›

The Moonward gear set is the easiest to get and was essential when Patch 6.01 first dropped. It helped players meet the average item level for the Pandaemonium Asphodelos normal raids and set you up nicely for Extreme Trial runs.

What do you do with faded orchestrion? ›

In order to use Orchestrion Rolls, you'll need to get yourself an Alchemist, or become one yourself. There's no need to level it all the way to 90, as some faded rolls can be used at level 30, some at 50, some at 60, and those are still quite profitable.

How does Pat Metheny control his orchestrion? ›

Metheny composed the parts for each instrument by using his specialty — the guitar — as a MIDI instrument, taking control of various robots with the guitar and having them play certain rhythms or melodies.

What instrument does Pat Metheny play? ›

Starting on trumpet at the age of 8, Metheny switched to guitar at age 12. By the age of 15, he was working regularly with the best jazz musicians in Kansas City, receiving valuable on-the-bandstand experience at an unusually young age.

How many items can you sell on Ffxiv? ›

Retainers can only sell items on the Market you send them to, and they can only sell 20 at a time. You can summon your Retainers from any City-State with a summoning bell. Make sure you're selling in the city that has the lowest tax rate.

Where can I buy sands of amber orchestrion roll? ›

Available for exchange in Amh Araeng.

What is shop selling price Ffxiv? ›

Shop price is price you would pay buying from a vendor.

How do you make an orchestrion play music? ›

You need to have songs in a play list and then select play all from your playlist. You might just be sampling a song which is why it stops playing when you close the window. You need to have songs in a play list and then select play all from your playlist.

Do bard songs stack FFXIV? ›

Bard's song buffs can't stack with other players songs buffs. So like if you have three Bards, one uses Ballad, one uses Paeon and one uses Minuet, I think the party list will display Minuet as being on your party members since it was the most recently played.

Is Bard Music player allowed in FFXIV? ›

Bard Music Player is an automated music player for playing MIDI songs in FFXIV using the Bard's Performance mode. This program allows you to automatically play pre-made MIDI songs for the in-game instrument performance feature in FFXIV.

Can you sleep in your bed Ffxiv? ›

You can sleep in beds by entering any in-game inn, clicking on the mattress, and choosing to “log out” or exit game.” Just be aware that this has no mechanical benefit within FFXIV — at least not any benefit you don't already get without doing it.

How long is a Ffxiv ban? ›

When a Temporary Service Account Suspension penalty is issued, the user will not be able to play Final Fantasy XIV during the applicable suspension period. There are three types of Temporary Service Account Suspension: 3 Days, 10 Days, and 20 Days.

What is considered griefing in Ffxiv? ›

A griefer or bad-faith player is a player in a multiplayer video game who deliberately and intentionally irritates and harasses other players within the game (trolling), by using aspects of the game in unintended ways in order to destroy something another player made or built, or stealing something, such as items or ...

Does character Birthday matter in ff14? ›

Final Fantasy XIV let players to select a birth date from an Eorzean calendar for their created characters. This is a vanity feature and does not have any effect in-game.

Does your race matter in ff14? ›

It is worth noting that your choice of FFXIV race doesn't matter too much outside of looking cool or cute, though this is a very important aspect to some.

Is there a reason to have more than one character ff14? ›

If you're the kind of person who really loves raiding and you want to experience it on different roles while the content is still relevant and fresh, then you might benefit from having a second character. That way you won't have to wait the month or two it takes to start getting spillover gear for your secondary job.

What does UWU mean FFXIV? ›

The Weapon's Refrain, commonly abbreviated by players as UWU (for "Ultima Weapon (Ultimate)") is an. Ultimate Raid released in Patch 4.31, "Under the Moonlight", of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.

Is FFXIV Lgbtq friendly? ›

Final Fantasy XIV is kind of a gay game. When you log into FFXIV, you find a huge base of queer players as well as LGBTQ free companies and events.

Is there a kiss emote FFXIV? ›

Blow sweet kisses to that special someone. Signed, sealed, and delivered with a kiss.

What to do with useless armor in New World? ›

You can easily sell most items on the trading post. Gear can be salvaged for gold and repair parts.

Does buying gear increase watermark in New World? ›

That would then increase your maximum Watermark to 505, allowing you to find new items with a score up to 510. It's important to note that items you buy on the Trading Post, as well as gear that you craft or receive via quest rewards, will not affect your Watermark.

What to do with useless items in New World? ›

Unfortunately, this means your only option now is to salvage your old gear for money and Repair Parts. As mentioned in our guide on How to Repair Items, you'll need Repair Parts to keep your durability up.

What is the max amount of retainers you can have in FFXIV? ›

Your FINAL FANTASY XIV subscription allows you to hire up to two retainers per character without paying any additional fees.

Is fishing retainer worth it FFXIV? ›

Fishers are the least useful retainers. Only get one if you already have one each of the other (battle, miner, botanist) or don't intend to level the other gathering classes yourself.

Does Ilvl matter for retainers? ›

Higher ilvl increases the amount of items combat retainers bring back from field explorations and shorten the time needed to send them to another one, and increases the chances of said items being HQ. Ideally you want your combat job retainers to be at the highest ilvl you can keep them at.

Is Dungeon exotic farmable? ›

We are now living in an era where dungeons are infinitely farmable, where you can get new loot each run (albeit just one chance at the exotic per week). As such, you can farm whatever you like, as long as you are doing the right encounter.

Is the dungeon farmable? ›

Every week, a different raid and dungeon are part of the weekly rotation, which means they become fully farmable, on top of also offering a Pinnacle reward each.

What does converting an item to a dungeon item do? ›

Dungeon Items are items that have a large stat boost in dungeons. Some items come as dungeon items and others you have to convert them into them via the dungeon hub. The boost in stats depends on the user's Catacombs level.

What do I do with useless collectibles Ffxiv? ›

Collectibles can't be sold for gil or used in crafts, but if you use Lower Quality, you'll be able to stack them and sell them to a vendor, put them for sale in the market board,or craft Fig Bavairoisse with culinarian.

What should I do with old gear in New World? ›

Players have multiple options to handle gear they pick up throughout New World. Gear can be salvaged for repair parts, sold at trading posts for gold, or equipped if it is good enough and works with a player's build.

What should I do with my retainer Ffxiv? ›

Retainers are also the primary method of selling items in FFXIV on the Marketboard. Players can sell up to 20 items per retainer. To sell an item, use either of the sell item menu options, interact with the item, and select "Put up For Sale". You can select the quantity and price from there.

What should I do with old gear wow? ›

Void storage is only used for gear so it's a natural place for your loved but old gear. However, fair warning: it removes enchants and gems.

What collectibles are worthless? ›

And now on to our list of the 9 collectibles that have less value than you think.
  • Cameras. Digital cameras have changed the way people take, store, and think about photographs. ...
  • Beanie Babies. ...
  • DVD and VHS collections. ...
  • Hummel figurines. ...
  • Morgan dollars. ...
  • Indian-head pennies. ...
  • Franklin Mint items. ...
  • Baseball-card collections.
Feb 26, 2020

What is the rarest item in FFXIV? ›

Tinklebell is one of the rarest items, as the only way to get it is a rare drop from a one-time boss, Twintania.

What can I do with unwanted collectables? ›

Seek collectors.

There are many ways to sell your collection: online, at a garage sale, or through an auction house or flea market. See any money you make as a bonus as you part with your collection. Even if the collection has decreased in monetary value, the sentimental value may be equally important to the new owner.

Is it better to salvage or sell in New World? ›

Salvage till you are at your cap. The chances of getting "scraps" are worth it. Selling your scraps can be good gold. Or use them for skilling up or needed mats.

Can you sell gear to NPC New World? ›

Vendor NPCs do not exist in the New World. You must find someone ready to buy your items. It is also possible to sell items in the Trading Post, but don't expect large sums of gold. Apart from the trading post, there are several other ways to sell your items.

What do you do with items you don't want in New World? ›

Unfortunately, this means your only option now is to salvage your old gear for money and Repair Parts. As mentioned in our guide on How to Repair Items, you'll need Repair Parts to keep your durability up.

What is the max amount of retainers you can have in Ffxiv? ›

Your FINAL FANTASY XIV subscription allows you to hire up to two retainers per character without paying any additional fees.

Are Fisher retainers worth it? ›

No, retainers are capped at your own level. Fishers are the least useful retainers. Only get one if you already have one each of the other (battle, miner, botanist) or don't intend to level the other gathering classes yourself.

Does retainer gear matter for quick exploration? ›

Quick Explorations are not affected by your retainer's gear. As per a note in Patch 5.4, the following additions and adjustments were been made to Quick Explorations: New items can be obtained by retainers that have reached maximum level.

What does dismantling gear do for honor? ›

Dismantling grants higher Salvage, equal to around 5 times the gear level (5 Salvage at level 1 compared to 105 at level 25). So far, there are 5 rarities of gear: common, rare, heroic, epic and legendary.

Did wrath have transmog? ›

Transmog is not available for characters in WoW Classic or Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

What should I spend my WoW gold on? ›

It is used for various activities like:
  • Buying weapons and armor from the Auction House.
  • Getting all the materials your profession requires!
  • Acquiring enough consumables – potions or foods.
  • Gear repair fees – never go in a battle with battered equipment.
  • Transportation costs – you need them to travel faster!
Jun 8, 2022


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