Diablo 2: 20 Best Runic Words For Armor (2023)

EmDiablo 2: Risen, only a few thin metal or leather plates separate the player characters from the literal jaws and jaws of infernal creatures. That's a little unfair on the whole, but that's what you get for trying to save the world. Fortunately, players can level the playing field with runewords.

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This endgame gear ensures players maintain their resistance to overwhelming evil. Also, it's one of the only reasons anyone would play an ARPG - shiny, shimmering, resplendent loot. Make them more spectacular with these rune wordsDiablo 2: Risen.

Updated on March 1st, 2023 by Sid Natividad:Years after the release of Diablo 2: Resurrected, many gamers are well prepared. That's no excuse for complacency. Evil still lurks around every corner, and new ladders that will test players' skills will once again open the gates of hell. So it's time to get acquainted with it againDiablo 2 best armor rune words.

This is the custom whenever a new and regular stair plan alternates. In addition, there is moreRunewords for D2R armorthan Enigma or Chains of Honor. Finally, some of the best runewords for armor are underdogs that work unexpectedly well, such as:Merc D2R Armor Runewordcombinations. So let's take another look at some of the best armor runewords in Diablo 2.

20 Mythos (Hel + Amn + Neph)

Diablo 2: 20 Best Runic Words For Armor (1)
  • 3% chance to trigger a level 1 Howl on hit
  • 10% chance to cast level 1 taunt when attacking
  • +2 to barbarian skill levels
  • +30 Defense vs. Rocket
  • Replenish Life +10
  • The attacker takes 14 damage
  • Requirements -15%

The Mythos runeword is only for barbarians, but it offers some significant bonuses for the class, and more importantly, the low level requirement of 25. Lord knows, barbarians need all the help they can get after being outclassed by other classes in melee combat became.

The biggest bonus here is the increase in skill levels, and beyond that, there's not much about this armor that could still make itsuitable for cutting-edge content. Howl and Taunt triggers are snazzy but not game changing.

19 Regen (Ort + Mal + Ith)

Diablo 2: 20 Best Runic Words For Armor (2)
  • 5% chance on hit to cast level 15 Cyclone Armor
  • 5% chance to cast level 15 Twister when hitting
  • +2 to druid skills
  • +100-150 to Mana
  • Blitzwiderstand +30 %
  • Magic damage reduced by 7
  • 15% of damage taken goes to Mana

Speaking of other melee classes that can do thatOvercome the barbarian, the druid is a notable example. He's a jack of all trades most of the time, but still stands out pretty well up close. That's why the Rain armor is almost perfect for him.

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The Druid skill level increase is significant, but the Cyclone Armor and Twister triggers are really useful. Also, it gives the druid good mana sustain for his abilities, especially when he's taking damage. Some synergies in this runeword are questionable, but don't really detract from the runeword's appeal.

18 Delirio (Lem + Ist + Io)

Diablo 2: 20 Best Runic Words For Armor (3)
  • 1% chance on hit to cast level 50 Rave (Morph).
  • 6% chance on hit to cast level 14 Mindblast
  • 14% chance on hit to cast level 13 Terror
  • 11% chance to cast Confusion at level 18 when attacking
  • +2 to all skills
  • +261 Defense
  • +10 to Vitality
  • 50% additional gold from monsters
  • 25% increased chance of obtaining magic items
  • Bait level 17 (60 charges)

The Delirium Helm is actually a good runeword, butMany players simply avoid ithas a 1% chance when hit due to the Delirium morph. It transforms the player character into a small creature, as small as a Soul Killer or Bone Fetish enemy.

Many players find it amusing while others dislike the crazy joke. Those who can overlook this quirk are blessed with some impressive stat bonuses and block triggers when attacking or being attacked. It also scales really well and is relatively cheap.

17 Knowledge (Location + Sol)

Diablo 2: 20 Best Runic Words For Armor (4)
(Video) The Essential Guide to Armor Runewords in Diablo 2 Resurrected
  • +1 to all skill levels
  • +10 to Energy
  • +2 mana after each kill
  • Blitzwiderstand +30 %
  • Damage reduced by 7
  • +2 to Beam of Light

Speaking of cheap runewords, the Lore Helm is one of the staples for lower level players. Level 27 is certainly an advantage, and many players use this runeword until they get a pawn crown or a harlequin crest.

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The +1 for all skill levels is one of his most attractive stats. Everything else is pretty extensive, notably Lightning Resist, which helps players recover.Bosses like Mephistoor Diablo itself. There's also no reason for players to skip this one given how cheap runes are.

16 Dream (Io + Jah + Pul)

Diablo 2: 20 Best Runic Words For Armor (5)
  • 10% chance to cast level 15 Confusion on hit
  • Level 15 Holy Shock Aura when equipped
  • +20-30% faster hit recovery
  • +30% Improved Defense
  • +150-220 Defense
  • +10 to Vitality
  • Increases maximum health by 5% (helmets only)
  • +50 to life (shields only)
  • +0.625-61.875 mana (based on character level)
  • All resistances +5-20
  • 12-25% more chance to get magic items

Unfortunately, this runeword doesn't come cheap or accessible. It's not even an option for many players unless they've built their other must-have Jah rune items. However, if players are running Tesladin or Auradin builds, this Runeword will be required.

Level 15 Shock Aura stacks with other Shock Aura boosts, making the skill usable late game. All of the other stat boosts matter here as well, and the Helm (or Shield) runeword can be a nice survival boost for players, thoughPaladins especially.

15 Verrat (Shael+Thul+Lem)

Diablo 2: 20 Best Runic Words For Armor (6)
  • 5% chance on hit to cast level 15 Fade
  • 25% chance to cast level 15 poison on attack
  • +2 to Assassin Skills
  • +45% increased Attack Speed
  • +20% faster hit recovery
  • Ice resistance +30%
  • 50% additional gold from monsters

Forget Fortitude, Betrayal is the best mercenary armor in the game. At least that's what some of the world's math geniuses say.diablo 2community. It was made for an assassin, but its most valuable stat is increased attack speed.with a mercenarywith a Life Leech weapon it is phenomenal and makes them almost immortal.

The fade is also surprisingly useful for the bullseye. Otherwise, players can apply it to their characters and enjoy fade processes or fast attack speed. For assassins? Well, it's the best slot until Enigma shows up. The best part is that it's incredibly cheap.

14 Dragon (South + Lo + Sun)

Diablo 2: 20 Best Runic Words For Armor (7)
  • 20% chance on hit to cast level 18 poison
  • 12% chance to cast level 15 Hydra on attack
  • Level 14 Holy Fire Aura when equipped
  • +360 defense
  • +230 Defense Vs. Rocket
  • +3-5 to all attributes
  • +0.375-37.125 to Strength (based on character level)
  • Increases maximum mana by 5% (armor only)
  • +5% to maximum lightning resistance
  • Damage reduced by 7

It's sprawling and not exactly ideal for Enigma seekers, as Sur and Lo are fairly close to Jah and Ber, but Dragon has its place in the niche.Paladin Construction. Auradins or Holy Fire Paladins will love this armor. Two of these (the other one on the shield) and the Holy Fire Aura reach level 28.

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Couple that with Aura of Conviction, and suddenly low-level late-game Auras are viable again. Everything else is just a bonus here, but the Dragon Runeword lives up to its name. Hydra's Trigger on Strike also pairs well with Alacrity's ability.

13 Melancholie (Fal + Um + Pul)

Diablo 2: 20 Best Runic Words For Armor (8)
(Video) Diablo 2 Resurrected Most Powerful Runewords for Chest Armor - Best Overpowered and Strongest Gear
  • 15% chance on hit to cast level 3 Blurred Vision
  • +10% faster hit recovery
  • +200-260% Improved Defense
  • +10 strength
  • All resistances +45
  • Half freezing time
  • 5% of damage taken is mana
  • -3 on beam

A good defensive runeword with little to no downside and cheap in price is Gloom. It doesn't have anything flashy or powerful compared to other runes or even unique armor, but it does have a practical approach and all the modifiers here are useful - apart from the light radius penalty, although that's also somewhat beneficial for stealth.

Either way, that whopping +45 resolves to all resistancesmany problems. The defense bonus is also great, making it a good candidate for use between the main armor types. Meanwhile, triggering the Dim Vision trigger can be a lifesaver, especially in areas like Worldstone Keep.

12 Lighting (Pul + Ral + Sun)

Diablo 2: 20 Best Runic Words For Armor (9)
  • 5% chance to cast a level 15 flame on hit
  • 5% chance to cast a level 15 Fireball when attacking
  • +2 to Sorceress skill levels
  • +1 to heat
  • +30% Improved Defense
  • fire resistance +30%
  • Damage reduced by 7

It's sometimes puzzling whysome rune wordsare so unpopular. Enlightenment is one of them and it's really good for the Sorceress. The +2 to skill levels is always a welcome bonus. Still, there isn't much of it, which is probably why some players prefer Skin of the Vipermagi.

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Still, the rune requirements are pretty cheap and it would be a shame to skip those if armor with a skill level boost isn't already in place. Also, due to teleport and the ability to forgo Enigma, sorceresses are the most common class in the game. This gives them a flexible armor slot, and this works well for Nightmare difficulty.

11 Pedra (Shael + Um + Pul + Lum)

Diablo 2: 20 Best Runic Words For Armor (10)
  • +60% faster hit recovery
  • +250-290% increased Defense (varies)
  • +300 Defense Vs. Rocket
  • +16 strength
  • +16 to Vitality
  • +10 to Energy
  • All resistances +15
  • Level 16 Molten Rock (80 charges)
  • Level 16 Tongolem (16 Ladungen)

Looking for some good armor for Nightmare difficulty running on a non-conformist, self-found solo character? So Stone can be a good option, especially for melee fighters. Its rune requirements are relatively low, and the benefits are impressive on a defensive level.

The Fast Hit Recovery buff is the most valuable here, followed by resistances and stat boosts. The clay golem? Not bad as it can slow down enemies and turn bosses into a joke when combined with Holy Freeze and Decrepify.

10 Lionheart (Hel + Lum + Fal)

Diablo 2: 20 Best Runic Words For Armor (11)
  • +20% Improved Damage
  • Requirements -15%
  • +25 strength
  • +10 to Energy
  • +20 to Vitality
  • +15 to Dexterity
  • +50 to Life
  • All resistances +30

The purpose of armor is protection, which means using the item slot to increase damage is a bit counterproductive and turns a character into a glass cannon. The Lionheart runeword doesn't want any of these traps.

Its most attractive value is the fixed bonus on all resistances. There are better options once players level up high enough, but Lionheart remains an affordable alternative for Hell difficulty players who are low on Stamina and Stamina.

9 Bones (Sun + One + One)

Diablo 2: 20 Best Runic Words For Armor (12)
  • 15% chance on hit to cast level 10 Bone Armor
  • 15% chance to cast level 10 Bone Spear on hit
  • +2 to Necromancer skill levels
  • +100-150 to Mana
  • All resistances +30
  • Damage reduced by 7

For a safe and effortless endgame character, you can't go wrong with any Necromancer build, be it Summoner or Bonemancer. In this case, a suitable bone rune word is mandatory. Players should aim for Nightmare difficulty.

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(Video) Top 4 Overpowered Armor Runewords in Diablo 2 Resurrected / D2R

Of all class-specific armor runes, Bone for the Necromancer is the most generous with its all-encompassing resistance bonus. The Runeword's defensive and stat focus also makes it a must-have item forAny Necromancer building. So throw those necromancers a bone. They earn it.

8 Paz (Shael+Thul+Amn)

Diablo 2: 20 Best Runic Words For Armor (13)
  • 4% chance on hit to fire level 5 Slow Rockets
  • 2% chance to cast level 15 Valkyrie when attacking
  • +2 to Amazon skill levels
  • +20% faster hit recovery
  • +2 to critical hit
  • Ice resistance +30%
  • The attacker takes 14 damage

Speaking of class-specific armor runes, Peace for the Amazon doesn't quite match the resistance bonus of the bone rune. However, players will soon be able to get it on their Amazon on Normal difficulty, making it more appealing.

Still, it's a bit lacking in the triggered ability department. the chances are painfully slim. However, Amazon's Skill Level Boost is a must-have for anyone looking to switch to a Lightning Javazon buildthe end of the game.

7 Zwang (Shael + Um + Thul)

Diablo 2: 20 Best Runic Words For Armor (14)
  • +40% faster hit recovery
  • +10-20% Improved Damage
  • Adds 37-133 Cold damage over 2 sec. Duration (normal)
  • 15 % Chance auf Crushing Blow
  • 33% chance of open wounds
  • +150-200% improved Defense
  • -20% slower stamina consumption
  • Ice resistance +45%
  • Blitzwiderstand +15 %
  • fire resistance +15%
  • Poison Resistance +15%

Compulsion seems to focus more on giving melee characters an advantage, and that's correct. It distributes many melee perks like Crushing Blow and Open Wounds to ensure builds like Whirlwind/Frenzied Barbarians or Berserker Paladins stay functional.

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In terms of defense, it's not sloppy. Stamina add-ons are good, but the real winner here is Faster Hit Recovery, which ensures melee characters don't remain locked. This is easy to deal withenemy packsin melee range.

6 Rauch (Nef + Lum)

Diablo 2: 20 Best Runic Words For Armor (15)
  • +75% improved Defense
  • +280 Defense Vs. Rocket
  • All resistances +50
  • 20% faster hit recovery
  • Level 6 weakened (18 charges)
  • +10 to Energy
  • -1 on light beam

When it comes to plugging some holesTrouble from Hellsure to do or deal more damage, the smoke rune word armor is among the best in the affordable category. Nef and Lum are very cheap and players can even find others giving them away for free if they beg enough.

Anyhow, that stunning +50 to resistances ensures players are always ready for Hell's difficulty. Only a handful of other armors can grant that amount, and they're usually more expensive or rarer.

5 Strength (El + Sun + Dol + Lo)

Diablo 2: 20 Best Runic Words For Armor (16)
  • 20% chance on hit to cast level 15 icy armor
  • +25% faster cast rate
  • +300% Improved Damage
  • +200% Improved Defense
  • +15 defense
  • +X To Life (based on character level)
  • Replenish Life +7
  • +5% to maximum lightning resistance
  • All resistances +25-30
  • Damage reduced by 7
  • 12% of damage taken goes to Mana
  • +1 to Beam of Light

Speaking of other practical armor that grants aSterne-Servicedefense stats, Fortitude is a runeword that lives up to its name. The stamina bonus is perfect, but the main attraction here is the health boost.

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This scales based on the character's level, making it the surefire runeword. It also grants a little bit of everything, and casters (often top-notch DPS builds) will certainly benefit from the faster conversion rate.

(Video) Complete Rune Word Base Guide - Enigma, Infinity, Call to Arms and more - Diablo 2 Resurrected

4 Brombeere (Ral + Ohm + Sur + Eth)

Diablo 2: 20 Best Runic Words For Armor (17)
  • Level 15-21 Thorn Aura when equipped
  • +50% faster hit recovery
  • +25-50% damage from poison skills
  • +300 defense
  • Increase Max Mana by 5%
  • Mana Regenerate 15%
  • +5% to maximum cold resistance
  • fire resistance +30%
  • Poison Resistance +100%
  • +13 health after each kill
  • Spirit of Splitters Level 13 (33 charges)

Bramble is not very popular as Sur runes are a bit expensive and players prefer other rune words for them. However, it's a great gear for players who are tired of dying from poison stacks. These are very common in Hell.

The Poison skill's damage makes it a bit niche and more suitable for Venomancers or Poison Assassin, but it's still good for any other class build. You can also build around Dornen's aura, freeing up lots of skill points for Auradin's builds.

3 Chains of Honor (Dol + Um + Ber + Ist)

Diablo 2: 20 Best Runic Words For Armor (18)
  • +2 to all skills
  • +200% damage against demons
  • +100% damage against undead
  • 8% life loss per hit
  • +70% improved Defense
  • +20 strength
  • Replenish Life +7
  • All resistances +65
  • Damage reduced by 8%
  • 25% increased chance of obtaining magic items

Ber Runes are among the rarest and most elusive drops in the game, but the gear they produce is more than worth it. Chains of Honor is no exception. Possibly the second best piece of Runeword armor in the game after a specific one, it turns everyone into fast teleporters.

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It has a universal skill level boost, making it welcome for any build. The resistance bonus is even higher than that of the smoke rune, and for good reason. Meanwhile, the damage boost against the two most common enemy types in the game is nothing to scoff at. The only thing missing is a big defense bonus, but it's a worthy compromise.

2 Tarnung (Tal + Eth)

Diablo 2: 20 Best Runic Words For Armor (19)
  • Magic damage reduced by 3
  • +6 to Dexterity
  • +15 to maximum resistance
  • Poison Resistance +30%
  • Mana Regenerate 15%
  • 25% faster running/walking
  • 25% faster cast rate
  • 25% faster hit recovery

What we have here is every low level player's favorite rune word. Stealth and your runewords sneak into each player's stash. Most of the time, players probably have runes for different pieces of stealth armor without their knowledge.

What makes a runeword so ubiquitous yet prime? Well, in addition to its low level requirement (level 17), stealth comes faster with the trio of everything. Baud rate makes it greatfor Hammerdin's budgetor other casters; Running/walking faster is always good; Faster hit recovery is a great defensive option. Overall, it's a must-have armor for speedrunning until players are ready to evaluate their builds.

1 Tailor (Yes + Ith + Ber)

Diablo 2: 20 Best Runic Words For Armor (20)
  • +2 to all skills
  • Run/Walk +45% faster
  • +1 to teleport
  • +750-775 Defense
  • + (0.75 per character level) +0-74 to Strength (based on character level)
  • Increases maximum health by 5%
  • Damage reduced by 8%
  • +14 health after each kill
  • 15% of damage taken goes to Mana
  • + (1 per character level) +1-99% chance to get magic items (based on character level)

There isn't much to see here. Enigma has always been at the top of the list of runeword levels and has dominated building guides for nearly two decades. It turns out that the fact that all characters are given a free teleportation ability makes them very powerful.

As it stands, Enigma Armor remains one of the most expensive items inDiablo 2,meaning most players won't have it. Also, players may forget to build it from scratch - and keep getting killed by Uber.Diablo brothersit's preferable to thousands of card cultivation runs just to glimpse that Jah or Ber rune.

Diablo 2: Risenwas released on September 23, 2021 and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

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