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Alois Trancyis a supporting character inThe string of the person record, He is the head of the Trancy family. Her right name isJim Macken


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Alois is a teenager with ice blue eyes and platinum blonde hair; a unique and remarkable lock curls to the left. He wears a long plum-purple frock coat; a forest green vest with vertical black stripes and a black back; a white button-down shirt; black shorts or black pants; long black stockings; knee-high brown boots with purple laces; and a charcoal ribbon tied in a large bow around her neck. On her right index finger she wears an ornate gold ring set with diamonds and a large ruby ​​in the center resembling an eye.

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On his tongue is the seal of his Faustian contract with Claude Faustus, which takes the form of a pentagram surrounded by gold and orange. Your contract seal is not always visible; it only appears when Claude is nearby.


Alois is a generally happy but sadistic person. Your emotions can change unpredictably from excitement to anger. He also loses interest in things pretty quickly. Alois often uses harsh and rude expressions like "bloody" or other swear words, no matter who he is talking to.

One of the few constant traits of Alois is his attachment to his butler Claude Faustus, whose attention he constantly seeks to win. Shows an extreme need for affection and approval.

Alois enjoys exercising authority and often uses his power in a deliberately cruel, barbaric, and contemptuous manner. He frequently abuses others, making them feel inferior for his own gratification. Alois specifically directs his animosity towards Hannah Annafellows, physically attacking her and belittling her with vile comments, especially when he believes she is trying to divert attention from someone else.



The false backstory that Alois often tells when asked about his past is that Alois was kidnapped shortly after he was born. In her deep sorrow, his mother committed suicide and left his father alone to look for him.

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Alois claimed that he was being held as a slave in an undisclosed city during his kidnapping. An event that took place inside the village left all the villagers dead and Alois the only survivor. Alois returned with Claude Faustus and became the head of the Trancy family after his father died under mysterious circumstances.

However, his true past is revealed during a flashback he had before he died in the episode Divulging Butler. As orphans from a village, he and his little brother Luka were treated cruelly by the villagers since the death of their parents and had to survive as thieves and pickpockets. Jim expressed bitter hatred for the villagers, declaring that anyone who was cruel to them should die.

When a mysterious disaster swept through the village and killed almost everyone, including Luka, Jim along with a group of other children were taken away by the manager of the Trancy estate for the purpose of pedophile abuse. In captivity, Jim had heard rumors of a wish-granting fairy; After following the instructions given to him, he summoned the spider demon Claude. Realizing that he had no wishes to grant, Claude told Jim to call him back if he had a wish.

Although Earl Trancy initially looked down on him for his "dirty" eyes, the head of Trancy's estate eventually saw Jim as a last resort. Jim set about seducing him, hoping to get better treatment than before. This mission was successful as Jim inherited the estate of the earlier Earl Trancy upon his death. In order to justify his inheritance, the previous head of the Trancy estate passed him off as his son and gave him the name Alois Trancy. Jim, who went on to become Alois Trancy, was given preferential treatment and more freedom at the mansion and control over things like personal fashion.

Not knowing what it really wasAlsoAlois discovered that the one responsible for the strange deaths was in the villageSebastian Michaelisduring his Faustian contract beforeCiel Phantomhive. Alois signed a contract withClaudiaShe swears revenge on Sebastian.

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Full background from Alois

Alois makes a Faustian treaty with Claude Faustus; the seal of the contract is in the language of Alois. At breakfast, she complains that upside-down fried eggs are pathetic and deliberately spills wine to get her maid's attention. He pretends to be hurt and screams for her to look at him. He then tells Hannah that it is inappropriate for a maid to look directly at her master, and as punishment, he sticks his fingers in her left eye socket, leaving her with a bandage over that eye for the rest.

Later, Alois' uncle, the priest and Aleister Chamber arrive, who happily greets his uncle Arnold. At dinner he tells how he was kidnapped as a child. As Arnold is about to go home, Alois throws bills and real estate transactions from the balcony and mocks his greed. Later that night a storm comes up and Sebastian Michaelis arrives disguised as a traveler. Alois greets him seductively and demands that Claude allow the stranger to stay with them. Alois makes several attempts to find out what Sebastian is hiding in his trunk, and Sebastian promises that once Alois points the way to Ciel Phantomhive's soul, he will. Alois soon discovers that Sebastian has hidden Ciel Phantomhive in his suitcase. He loves Ciel and orders Claude to take him away, but neither he nor Claude are able to catch up with Sebastian as he flees the mansion.

Bored with choosing a costume for her ball, Alois tells Hannah to undress so she can wear her dress. She tries to fit Claude a dress, but his butler refuses. At the party, she disguises herself as a maid with long blond hair and tries to seduce Ciel. Alois takes Ciel's eye patch and runs away. Despite his disguise, Ciel sees through the ruse and realizes his identity.

Alois then throws a costume ball to convince Ciel, Sebastian, and the Phantomhive family to come to Trancy Manor. He lets his butler speak to Sebastian, but tells him to settle the matter in ten minutes. However, Claude later returns with Sebastian alive and Alois chooses to punish Claude, but the latter refuses. Soon after, Alois angers Ciel by dancing with himElizabeth Midford. He vows to "have" Ciel while Ciel vows to kill him.

Consequently, he will duel with Ciel. At first he corners Ciel, but when the butlers arrive they stab him in the stomach and he bleeds profusely. Ciel taunts Alois, who believes Alois killed Ciel's parents. Alois tries to explain, telling Ciel that they are both the same because they are being tricked by a demon. He pleads and cries while clinging to Ciel's leg. Ciel is about to kill him when Claude finally stops him. When Claude separates them, he accidentally tastes Ciel's blood and nearly passes out from ecstasy. He is too focused on the taste of Ciel's blood to help the injured Alois, who vomits a stream of blood before passing out.

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During a flashback, it is revealed that Alois was a sex slave for the former Earl Trancy. He overhears some of the children he met in captivity talking about summoning a fairy. Following his orders, he meets Claude and keeps in touch with him. Entering a room as the former Trancy Head's slave, he makes a wish and Claude offers to make a contract. Back in the present, he is rescuedGrellby Hannah and crawls up a tree. Just before he is killed, Alois reveals that Claude was the most important person in the world to him and desperately clings to him, but Claude steals his soul from his body and keeps it in the Trancy ring. Hannah puts her fingers in Alois' left eye after Claude left his body under the tree and mutters to his corpse about his "wish".

The ring Alois wore while he was alive, which also contains his soul, is now worn on Ciel's finger and his memories have mixed with Ciel's. He soon takes control of Ciel's body and climbs a clock tower in front of the mansion. Alois then creates a maze in which Sebastian and Claude are asked questions to get to Ciel's body. Claude has an advantage because of his knowledge of Alois. Ciel's soul briefly breaks through and orders Sebastian to remain his butler until he has completely consumed his soul, but Alois once again takes control of Ciel's body. Alois says how attached he was to Claude and lets Claude find all the answers in the labyrinth of his heart. When Alois learns that Claude murdered him to get Ciel, he suffers an emotional breakdown. Hannah reveals that Luka, her brother, hired her to destroy the village he and Alois grew up in, for Alois' sake.

Alois signs a new contract with Hannah when he realizes that both she and Luka have always loved him. He explains that they are the people he should love, adding that anyone who never truly loved him must be destroyed. Before passing out, she tells Claude that she wished for his love as her heart was caught in a spider's web at that moment.

After Alois is taken to a demon sanctuary with Hannah, Claude, and Sebastian, Alois talks to Ciel in his subconscious mind as they wait for their butlers to end the duel. It is later revealed that his wish with Hannah was for Ciel's soul never to be devoured and for Alois to join Luka in Hannah's body. When Claude loses the duel and dies, Alois is shocked and subsequently disappears from Ciel's body. Hannah claims that she, Alois, Luka and Claude will be forever happy in Nirvana when they are seen falling into a whirlpool.


Although Alois does not use weapons, he can wield a sword as shown when fighting with itCiel, Alois has control over the person calledBaalThe person of the 4 myths (Canaanite mythology, Semitic mythology, Mesopotamian mythology and Abrahamic mythology) Baal is capable of using wind, prayer and physical abilities. You must summon Baal with astimulatingor a similar also to Evoke when he uses Wishes to use Baal.

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  • According to Claude during the Maze competition, Alois's favorite meal is blue fish and chips. However, this may or may not be true as Alois had rigged the questions and answers to help Claude win.
  • Despite his hatred of her, every one of his servants is a demon. He also regards Claude (a demon) as a role model.
  • He can speak Latin
  • Alois is easily afraid of childish things like the dark and being alone.
  • His birthday, November 5th, is Bonfire Night in the UK.
  • A running gag in the anime is that Alois tries to make Claude dance or pay attention to him by saying "OlEsonly to end up with Claude staring at him in silence or ignoring him.



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