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  • Undoubtedly one of the best value courses in GRE preparation
  • Curriculum divided into short, highly digestible units with great lessons
  • Smart, adaptive technology optimizes your study plan for maximum efficiency
  • Realistic GRE practice problems that closely resemble the real test
  • The digital book is easy to digest and understand
  • No video lessons or live lessons
  • There are not as many GRE study materials as other preparation companies offer
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  • Achievable GRE Prices
  • Evaluation of achievable courses
  • digital book
  • accessible question bank
  • GRE Practice Tests
  • No lessons or videos
  • Verdict: Achievable GRE Prep Review

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video review: Is the achievable GRE worth it?

In the video above, John from the Test Prep Insight team walks you through the key dos and don'ts of potential GRE prep courses. For more details about this grooming pack, keep reading our full written review below.

Achievable GRE Prices

One of the really great things about Achievable is that they keep their price selection and course options very simple. And I mean VERY simple.They only offer a prep package., which contains all the study materials and the resources they offer, e.g.$ 199.

This is a stark contrast to mega providers likeKaplanyPrinceton revieweach offering 5+ options to choose from. So while your selection of options is more limited, I like the elegant simplicity.One package, one price.

And at that point,$199 is a fantastic value. Most of the courses we reviewed are priced closer to $1,000 for the core package.

Therefore, Achievable typically costs a fraction of the cost of its competition.And the crazy part is that stillthey routinely offer discounts of up to 25% on their preparation, so be sure to look for discount links and promo codes.

At 25% off, this course is effectively $150, the best value in GRE preparation in my opinion.

Prices and course options in force on the date of publication.

Evaluation of achievable courses

As for the structure and layout of this prep course, I knew the moment I reviewed it that I would get high marks in this category. Realizablelooks like the smartest prep courseIn space.

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They use adaptive algorithms to constantly optimize your study plan, machine learning and artificial intelligence to assess your practice essays, and pattern-based learning based on memory science to create the most efficient prep course possible.

achievable GRE score (8)

And while this all sounds like great marketing material, after using the course I can say that it is definitely real anddefinitely works. Starting with the algorithm that tracks your progress, you can feel it running in the background.

As you work through practice tests, answer quiz questions, and delete revisions, youchange your study plan. You can literally see him reassign work in his queue and assign different review sessions based on his performance.

I loved that aspect of the Achievable course. HeIntelligently reassign your work to focus on your weaknessesand old material resurfaces where you need to refresh. This, in turn, helps maximize profits by keeping you working on areas where you can improve, rather than spinning your wheels working on material you've already mastered and tested.

I was also a big fan of AI-rated trials. Similar to howDST note essays,Achievable employs machine learningto instantly evaluate essays when finished. This technology is off the charts and something you can't even get from top grooming companies that cost close to $1000. I found it to be really accurate in terms of spotting missing issues and misspelled sections.

Finally, I really appreciatedAchievable's commitment to science learning. Rather than simply building your course around the material you need to learn and letting you break it down, Achievable wraps the science of memory in the structure of your course.

The way it essentially works is this: a few learning modules after you've learned a topic, you'll see some practice questions from that unit reappear on a later review test. After some proofreading tests you will see it again.

achievable GRE score (9)

In standardized test preparation, this concept is known as "spaced reviews" and is a proven means ofhelping you improve material retention. Again, it was great to see Achievable engage with these proven best practices, and I found them to use them extremely well.

GRE Digital Textbook

In terms of the details of how this course is actually structured,everything is built around the Achievable digital textbook. There are no video classes or live classes. Instead, the backbone of your content review and instructional work is interactive text.

The Achievable book isdivided into 89 chapters, which basically work as learning modules for the course. And this is how you learn: You read a chapter, solve some practice questions, and then get a review session or two based on how the algorithm evaluates your performance.

achievable GRE score (10)

as forbookspecifically, it's honestly one of the best I've ever reviewed. is written inabout the simplest English I've ever seen written in a prep book.

They use simple terms and colloquial language to describe some rather complex and technical concepts. This, in my opinion, really increases understanding of the material and subsequent retention.

And another cool aspect of the book is that thesethe chapters are incredibly short and digestible. Each one takes just 10-20 minutes to read. Also, it's not just a block of text. After going through the opening section describing the concept being taught and how it works, he uses some beautifully crafted sample problems to prove his point.

Essentially, it takes a very basic problem example and breaks it down into detail, explaining in detail how the concept practice on GRE. It's a very smart and effective way to structure a text.

achievable GRE score (11)

If I had a complaint here, it would be that this book is digital only:no printed version. Sometimes it's nice not to burn your eyes on the screen or to have a printed version that you can take to the beach. But that's the case with Achievable.

I am aultra-affordable, online-only grooming companyfocused on smart and modern preparation. So I understand it's just his approach. But having a printed book would be nice, even if there was a small fee to get a hard copy.

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accessible question bank

In addition to the digital text, the other important component of your prep course will be the Achievable practice question bank. In total, Achievable offers around200 or more word practice problems, it is ainfinite number of quantum problems.

How do they do it? Well, it's actually quite simple. They create 100+ templates based on the most proven quantitative question types and allow their smart technology to (once again) swap variables whenever an issue arises.

Basically, each practice question is different, but stems from the same 100 models. That isthough it's actually a very good thing, in my opinion. By solving the same problem 10 different times with 10 different variables, you actually learn how to solve the problem being tested.

Instead of memorizing answers based on certain numbers, you start to get an idea and learn the underlying concepts. This is another one of thoselearn the principles of scienceAchievable is based on their show, and I was a huge fan.

achievable GRE score (12)

Also, I should mention that I was quite impressed with the text explanations that accompany the Achievable practice problems. They might not be the best I've seen (seemagoshfor that), but arevery good.

They succinctly break down each answer choice into a few sentences and give you a good idea of ​​why the possible answers are correct or incorrect. They arenot very long, but they are very effective explanations.

Overall, I really enjoyed Achievable's practice material. I found out it washighly realistic of real GRE test questions. Questions seemed to generally follow the length, difficulty, and content of real GRE problems.

And in terms of quantity, as I mentioned, I love the structure of the infinite quantity problem. However, I would like to see them add another 100 or more word problems. 200 is a decent amount, but more would be better here, for reasons I'm about to explain.

GRE Practice Tests

Overall, Achievable offers10 practice teststo test your knowledge under exam conditions.

Now, to be clear, there's a little caveat here. You get 10 practice exams complete with never-before-seen questions if you don't use any of your verbal practice questions in the bank. In other words,these practice tests are generated by recycling questions from the question bank.

So if you use half of the verbal practice problems from the bank, you actually only have 5 practice tests left with content you've never seen before. So this is a bit of a bummer as it would be nice to do 10 full tests to practice under exam-like conditions (i.e. see problems you've never seen before).

But in any case, thisthe limitation really only applies to the verbal portion of your practice tests, and there's a good chance you won't get 10 rolls anyway.

So while I love the quality of Achievable's GRE practice questions, the endless amount of quantitative problems and the corresponding problem explanations, the fact that they recycle problems from the question bank to generate practice tests is not my fault.

No live classes or video classes

As mentioned above,Achievable does not offer video lessons or live lessons.. So if you're a visual learner who absolutely needs to see how things work with graphics, cartoons, and animations, then Achievable might not be a good fit for you (unlikeManhattan Prep GREcourse).

Although I would like to point out that your interactive digital book incorporates many of these elements, including graphs and problem examples, so it's not a bad finisher.

Alternatively, if you need the structure and accountability that come with live classes because you're not the most motivated student, then Achievable probably isn't for you either.Attainable is about self-directed and self-motivated study.

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Do not existinstructorsassigning you work that absolutely must be done, peer pressure to keep up, or whatever. It's a fully flexible, self-paced study with Achievable.

But youI really can't expect Achievable to offer these features for less than $200, especially the live classes. It just wouldn't make financial sense for them to hire, train, and employ top-notch instructors to teach classes and still charge less than $200. They would lose money, and I understand that.

However, video lessons are a bit of a different story.magoshis another major prep provider and offers some video lessons.

They're not the best videos I've ever seen (no production value), but they're better than nothing. Although as I said before,Achievable's Digital Textbook Is Really Solidand it's part of the difference.

Digital platform and user experience

The UI/User Experience isanother category where Achievable scores very high. The fact that its founders were Silicon Valley techies really speaks to this.

The Achievable platform is clean, modern and ultra-intuitive. It's one of the simplest prep platforms I've ever used, andI loved the UX. It is pleasing to the eye and looks beautiful (like thePreparation for the objective testDigital platform).

achievable GRE score (13)

Furthermore, responsiveness isvery fastand I never had any problems with lags, page loading or anything like that. In short, the digital platform is clean, fast and very easy to use. The best brands here.

Content access period

Achievable provides one of the longest content access times onGRE preparation.1 year access, give it more time than you need. Most students only need 4-6 months to study for the GRE, so1 year is quite generous. I have no complaints about that access period.

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Does Achievable have a mobile app?

ThenAchievable does not have a mobile app, but its platform is mobile friendly.. Very mobile friendly indeed. Again, this program was developed by technicians from the California Bay Area, and as such, they prioritized mobility.

The mobile design of the program is elegant and very responsive. Its mobile design isn't an afterthought like I've seen in others.

I usually like to see a standalone mobile app due to the fact that it compartmentalizes the work and because I think you generally get a better user experience through an app, but in this case I had no qualms about the design. Compatible with mobile devices. In fact, I was so happy with the mobile site that I'm not even going to complain and say I wanted a mobile app here.

verdict: Achievable GRE Preparation Review

usually i wasreally impressedwith the Achievable GRE preparatory course. While II would like to see them add some video lessonsto their GOOD I understand why they don't have any. At $199 for the prep pack, it's hard to offer that level of features.

But with that said, stillI found this course a success. Between a beautifully written digital book, thousands of practice problems, 10 full-length practice tests, and one of the best digital platforms I've seen,there is a lot to like. A

And that's not to mention the smart, adaptable technology that surrounds your course, which, in my opinion, makes this course preparatory.

In summary, I think that for the price thatYou absolutely cannot go wrong with Achievablefor your GRE preparation, and they should provide you with everything you need to score at the top level.

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How many answers are correct for GRE? ›

The Verbal and Quantitative sections have 40 questions each. For example, if you have answered all the 40 questions correctly, your raw score is likely to be 40. This raw score is then converted into a scaled score, which lies anywhere between 130 to 170 through a process called equating.

How many questions can you miss on the GRE to get a perfect score? ›

The GRE is an adaptive test, meaning sections get harder or easier depending on your performance. You can generally get 1-2 questions wrong and still earn the max GRE score.

How many questions can you get wrong on the GRE to get 160+? ›

Therefore, if you want to get a 160+ on quant you can get 9-10 questions wrong in total but no more than 5 incorrect in the first section. For instance, in the sample reports shared below, the test taker got a 160 on quant with 16/20 on the first section and 15/20 on the second section.

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Nothing is subtracted from your score for incorrect answers. To maximize your scores on the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning measures, it's best to answer every question.

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Its given in the ETS home website that each correct question counts for 1 point increment. So if you answer minimum 20 out of 40 correctly you will be definitely scoring at least 150. If you answer more correctly you will get more. Its as simple as that.

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Similarly, if you achieve a score of 292 then you have fared better than 25 test-takers out of every 100 of them. Hence, the higher you score on the GRE test, the higher you rank when compared to other test-takers.

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