2023 CFA Level 1 Exam Schedule and Deadlines | SOLEADE (2023)

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2023 CFA Level 1 Exam Schedule and Deadlines | SOLEADE (1)

exam structure

NO2023 CFA exam schedule, there are 4 Level 1 CFA exam windows:

  • 1st CFA Exam Window: April 14-20 February 2023
  • 2nd CFA Exam Window: May 16-22, 2023
  • 3rd CFA Exam Window: April 22-28 Aug 2023
  • 4th CFA Exam Window: November 11-17, 2023

2023 LVL 1

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2023 Stage 1: FEV | IT COULD | BEFORE | NOV

After registering for one of the exam windows, you will need to schedule your CFA exam appointment. Don't worry - you can change the date of your CFA exam if you wish. However, to register for the CFA exam and to schedule or reschedule your CFA exam, you must meet certain deadlines.

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Sim,The CFA exam calendar is packed with deadlines and important dates. Here you will find the most important Level 1 dates and deadlines for currently available Level 1 exams.

Important dates in your Level 1 CFA exam calendar

The most important Level 1 CFA exam dates certainly include the start and end dates of the CFA exam:

  • registration window,
  • schedule window,
  • move window.


CFA Level 1 exam window login window planning window rescheduling window
February 14-20, 2023 May 10th to November 8th May 10th to November 16th 10. Mai bus 13. January
May 16-22, 2023 August 9th to January 31st August 9th to February 15th August 9th to April 14th
August 22-28, 2023 November 14th to May 9th November 14th to May 24th November 14th to July 21st
November 11-17, 2023 January 31 to August 8 January 31 to August 16 January 31 to October 13

Learn more about the CBT CFA exams

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Save the date of the CFA exam in your calendar!


Registration window for the CFA examis the period during which the CFA exam registration is open for your exam. You register for the CFA exam once you have paid the registration fee of USD 900 (prepayment) or USD 1,200 (standard) + a one-time registration fee of USD 350 when registering for the first Level 1 CFA exam.

HOW DO I REGISTER FOR THE CFA EXAM?Access the CFA Institute website, register and select one of the available exam windows in your account. You will be asked to submit your application form and make the payment.

Apply before the application deadline!

STEP 2: SCHEDULE (mandatory)

Scheduling the CFA examis the period of time YOU MUST SCHEDULE YOUR CFA EXAM by selecting the exact date in the CFA exam window and scheduling it in ProScheduler (scheduling tool). Scheduling is free and mandatory if you don't want to lose your registration fee. You can only take the CFA exam if you make your exam appointment before the deadline!

HOW DO I SCHEDULE YOUR CFA EXAM?Use ProScheduler, a dedicated platform to schedule your CFA exam. When planning your exam, search by country and city to plan your exam day. Browse the entire exam window better and choose the exact day and time of your CFA exam as per your convenience. The schedule should be available to you in your CFA Institute account once your registration payment has been processed (you will be redirected to the ProScheduler). Please note that if you do not receive an appointment confirmation email, you will not be successfully scheduled for the exam.

Schedule your CFA exam on time!

STEP 3: RESCHEDULE (optional)

CFA exam reschedulingis the period during which you can change the CFA exam date within the exam window by paying a fee of $250 for each (!) exam postponement. This is useful if for some reason you want to take the CFA exam in the exam window but need to change your chosen exam date, time, or location, or if the scheduled exam date is your next best choice but you'd rather take the exam on a slightly different day, time or location within the registered exam window.

HOW CAN I RESCHEDULE YOUR CFA EXAM?This option is available to you in your CFA Institute Candidate Tile account. Note that it is only available for the selected exam window! You cannot move your CFA exam from window to window. For this you can consider a paid deferral (see below).

Reschedule your CFA exam within the rebooking period!

Create a custom study plancreate a study plan

Other interesting dates in the CFA calendar

There are also some other dates that you might find important such as:

(Video) Registration for 2023 February CFA Level 1 and 3

  • pre-registrationTerm in which your registration cost will be reduced by $300 (early registration fee is $900 instead of $1,200)
  • Payment by invoicewhich can be of particular interest to applicants from India who can now get a low-interest loan to enroll in the CFA exam
  • ScholarshipThe deadline (CFA Exam Scholarshipssignificantly reduce exam costs)
  • Emergency Postponement of CFA ExamPeriod of time, which is up to 3 days after the end of the exam window, to be used in some emergencies that you can document (e.g. life-threatening illness or death of an immediate family member, excluding grandparents)
  • Paid CFA Exam Postponement, available approximately one month before the exam window for purchase for $399 up to 24 hours before the scheduled exam time. After submitting yourPostponement of the CFA exam, your exam date is cancelled! If you have not made an appointment, the paid deferral period is up to 3 days after the end of the exam window. A fee-based deferral is possible once per fee-based exam registration. Gives you the right to reschedule your exam date by up to 12 months in line with the new application and scheduling deadlines.

Can I change the date of my CFA exam?

Yes, you can change the date of your CFA exam. Depending on your situation, there are several ways to do this.

Ways to change the CFA exam date include:

  • Postpone exam date:only available for the exam window you signed up for; The rebooking fee is USD 250 for each rebooking;
  • Notverschiebung:If you wish to reschedule your CFA exam to a new exam window and can document that you were unable to take your scheduled exam, it is free but must be well documented or it will not be granted;
  • paid deferral:available only once per paid registration, you must pay an additional fee of $399 to be able to change your exam date to a new exam window without questions being asked, but after you submit your postponement - the decision is final and your exam is scheduled is cancelled;
  • COVID shift:Postponement at no additional cost if your scheduled exam is canceled due toCOVID Restrictions.

2023 CFA Level 1 exam dates planned

MAY 2023 The deadline Deadline AUG 2023 Deadline NOV 2023
  1. START: August 9, 2022
  2. EARLY
    REGISTRATION DEADLINE: November 9, 2022
  3. PAYMENT BY INVOICE: December 17, 2022
    REGISTRATION DEADLINE: January 31, 2023
  5. SCHEDULE END: February 15, 2023
  6. END OF POSTPONEMENT: April 14, 2023
  1. START: November 14, 2022
  2. EARLY
    REGISTRATION DEADLINE: February 1, 2023
  3. PAYMENT BY INVOICE: March 25, 2023
  5. SCHEDULE END: May 24, 2023
  6. END OF POSTPONEMENT: July 21, 2023
  1. START: January 31, 2023
  2. EARLY
  3. PAYMENT BY INVOICE: June 24, 2023
  5. SCHEDULE END: August 16, 2023
  6. END OF POSTPONEMENT: October 13, 2023

Please note that the CFA Institute reserves the right to close registration and appointment times early.

Can I pass the CFA exam in 12 months?

Yes, you can pass the CFA exam, all 3 levels, within one year, i.e. in 12 months!

12 months is the quickest way to get your CFA charter, but you must strictly adhere to the CFA exam schedule in which youcomplete your Level 1 CFA exam in FEB, then Level 2 - in AGO and finally Level 3 - in February of next year. That makes 12 months from level 1 to level 3 of the CFA exam. The assumption, of course, is that you pass all the levels on the first try and the part where you wait for the final CFA exam result no longer counts.

Other scenarios are just over 12 months. Now, with the CBT CFA exams, you canGet your CFA charter in 12 to 18 months.

2023 CFA Level 1 Exam Schedule and Deadlines | SOLEADE (2)

Based on the current CFA exam schedule for CBT exams, there are3 Level 2 CFA exam windowsper year for CFA candidates in May, August and November. As far as Level 3 of the CFA exam is concerned, there it is2 Level 3 CFA exam windowsper year in February and August. How quickly you can get your CFA charter depends on which path you choose + how many iterations orExam PostponementsYou need.

Create a free study plan

We will remind you when your preparation begins.

Posted: August 22, 2020

(Video) How to Pass the CFA Level 1 Exam in 2023

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