13 tips for an overpowered character in Yakuza: Like A Dragon (2023)

Having trouble decipheringYakuza: Like a Dragon🇧🇷 It's understandable because while there are many similarities to previous entries (of which there are some), this game is unique in itself. This is because it is a turn-based RPG and not a simple fighting game like all previous main games.RELATED:The best games that include karaokeAlso, it takes a while to introduce many of the game's mechanics, so it's hard to guess what's coming next. So here are a few things to keep in mind when playing Yakuza: Like A Dragon to make the most of your time and cut the grind. There are some minor spoilers here, but only regarding gameplay features and not story-related content.Updated Aug 1, 2021 by Jacob Buchalter:With the Yakuza developers at Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio already talking about how future Yakuza mainline installments will have a more tweaked version of this turn-based combat system, it's time to give Like a Dragon a little more credit.Kasuga Ichiban, adorable idiot that he is,is somehow generally well received for a character taking up the torch from Kiryu Kazama, a character who has held it for over 6 giant games now and is big enoughfor references in hilarious disconnected games like Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania.Y,while changes to mechanics and story were more polarizing, but the fans seemed happy overall. That said, as this is the first iteration of the new Yakuza Combat branch, there are plenty of ways to explore it and launch an overpowered party. So let's take a closer look and pick out some easier ways for Ichiban to shorten his path to divine strength.


13/13have a party together

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At the start of Yakuza: Like A Dragon, when the job system is first unlocked, it's recommended to stick with that first job option for a while, or at least until level 28. Most of the main job "skills" are already unlocked. at 28, and at that point it's much more beneficial to move on to the next one, get your stat and skill boosts, then the next one, and so on.

But when doing this, try to keep someone who can heal, a tank, a "magic" user and a pure damage attacker if possible. If you can get it right, your group should have the job skills and stat bonuses to strive to be overpowered once you gain access to the game's grinding areas.

13/12Area of ​​effect skills are key

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Here's a little tip to keep in mind when trying to figure out the best job to take on. Every skill to be learned can be seen before even accepting the job. Having skills that can hit multiple enemies is important due to the way the party and enemies randomly move during combat.

This random movement system is the biggest complaint regarding Like a Dragon's combat, and will likely be fixed in the next game, but for now you'll have to adjust. Later in the game, you'll get "Extreme Skills" that hit all enemies no matter where they are, but getting a good AoE attack early on can make or break your early experience. Our recommendations are:

  • Ambos Mega Swing e Giga Swing do Hero Job.
  • Pyro Belch & Pyro Breath do Hero Job
  • Waitress job clobberwheel
  • Spreading bedbugs from employees' work
  • And the Breaker job's Windmill skill.This one is by far the best early game especially.
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13/11Keep an eye out for Job EXP accessories

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Jobs, like normal levels, increase with points. Enemies don't dish out as much JP or "Job Points" as EXP, but there is a way to increase production.

Each class in Yakuza: Like A Dragon has a corresponding item that, when equipped, will increase the amount of JP received. It would be too long to list each one with its location here. But, most of them will be obtained from side quests, so always make sure to make them and keep them equipped as you work.

13/10Also gather SP-based equipment

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SP is everything in Yakuza, Like a Dragon, especially the further you get into the game. Once you start unlocking the extreme moves and using them against most high-level encounters, having equipment to recover SP or increase your maximum amount is huge.

Our personal favorites are the mouthguards, as they reduce the amount of SP used specifically for extreme skills. The easiest to obtain is the one that rewards with Part-Time Hero Quest Death Knuckle or Shriomon Premium Exchange. but you can tooget a pair using the Tojo Clan Crest NPC as well.

Other than that, you can also wait until Sotenbori is unlocked and then shoot the extreme skill mouthguard that is rewarded after the 19th floor of the Battle Arena.

13/09Don't sleep with the buffing and buffing systems *NEW ENTRY WITH UPDATE*

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While the turn-based combat in Like a Dragon is a breath of fresh air for the franchise and incredibly well done for something that was originally an April Fools joke, it does have some issues. In particular, many of the late-game battles revolve around extreme skill spamming, healing, and replay.

To get around this early on, simply focus on getting Saeko to build as much as possible for her eventual role as the team's idol. As an idol job, Saeko has access to some of the best heals, best buffs, and best debuffs in the game. This is a party game after all, so a big part of making Kyosuke feel as powerful as possible involves building the party to support him.

If you really don't want to idolize Saeko, Nanba as a musician or fortune teller, Eri as a waitress or shopkeeper, or Kasuga as a high-level hero can all work very well as stand-ins.

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13/08do the side stories

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It's worth reiterating that all of Yakuza: Like A Dragon's side stories should be addressed. As we just highlighted, they often lead to unique items that can really spruce up your team.

Plus, it's a great way to earn money, unlock Poundmates, and gain experience, especially early in the game. And the Yakuza franchise is basically known for the absurd situations they put their characters in during these parallel stories.

13/07Don't waste your time with the EXP team

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Work items are useful, but there are also items that can help provide a more traditional experience. For example, some vending machines have Kiwami sodas that increase EXP in battle.RELATED:Yakuza Kiwami: Ranking All Majima Costumes Everywhere

One can also get good at baseball in the batting cages to earn enough points for the Yakuza Training Gear. But gaining normal levels is much easier than gaining job levels, and it's often better to use these time slots and equipment for more character-specific items.

13/06Grind food and improve relationships

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Increasing bonds with party members will not only unlock new skills, but also gain more experience when not in the party. So it's a good idea to have a group that is roughly the same level, i.e. max out bonus levels as often as possible.

An easy way to do it is to find something cheap in a restaurant and eat it with a party. Frankly, going from restaurant to restaurant and eating everything on the menu (once you're earning yen) is a fantastic way to get some great temporary buffs, earn bond level points, and progress towards certain Part-Time Hero challenges. , as well.

13/05Become a millionaire tycoon

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Through a strange series of events involving an old woman, a chicken, and a naive businessman, Ichiban ends up becoming the head of a family business called Ichiban Confections, which leads to a business management minigame.

Almost every game in the Yakuza series has a management simulation minigame, and most of them completely break the economic system of their own games. Active participation will unlock a secret group member, Eri, as well as one of Ichiban's best techniques.

This is also an extremely fast way to earn money. It can be time consuming and a little confusing, but once you figure it out, it's really hard to stop playing. So yes, getting to the end of this side story as soon as possible is going to overwhelm the party for sure.

13/04Use the Sotenbori Battlefield

In chapter 12, a rather late chapter,the group will travel to Sotenbori for certain story reasons. This place, although smaller than Yokohama, has a large number of excellent items for both consumption and equipment.RELATED:The Best Yakuza Villains in the Entire Series

The most notable thing to note is the battlefield which consists of thirty floors. Every five floors there will be a checkpoint, so you don't have to complete it in one go either. It can also be completed multiple times, with some items only rewarding once and others rewarding every time you clear that floor.

Picking up items and EXP here is a surefire way to prepare Ichiban and the cast for the huge jump in difficulty the game takes at this point in the story.

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13/03Work early to get everyone's ultimate weapons

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It goes without saying, but a big part of being mastered in any RPG is usually finding/crafting the ultimate weapon. In Kingdom Hearts, they are the Ultima weapons, as a reference to Cloud Strife's Ultima weapons from FF7.

In Like a Dragon, each party member has a final version of this that usually follows an upgrade path starting with their default weapon.But to get these "ultimate" weapons as soon as possible will take a lot of yen, a lot of investment in Romance Workshop, and a ton of materials.

So while Like a Dragon offers a bunch of different types of team paths to go down and weapon options for you to craft in Romance Workshop, you should honestly spend those resources and yen to get each character as close to their ultimate weapon as possible. you can, as soon as possible.

13/02Amulet of Hariti

13 tips for an overpowered character in Yakuza: Like A Dragon (12)

One of the best items players can obtain in Sotenbori Battle Arena is the Hariti Amulet. This simple accessory prevents random battles from triggering even if the party encounters gangs. It doesn't matter who equips it, you don't even have to be at the party!

Once you can access Yokohama Underground, Sotenbori Battle Arena, and Millenium Tower, there's really little reason to put up with random encounters. So using this item saves you a lot of time avoiding open-world fights, which is time you can spend grinding in the most ideal areas.

1/13Yokohama Underground Dungeon

13 tips for an overpowered character in Yakuza: Like A Dragon (13)

To dig a little deeper into the Yokohama Subway for our last entry, it can be approached just before Chapter 12's Battle Arena, though it's trickier as the checkpoints aren't as generous. There are some good articles there, but the best one to look for is Invested Vagabond.

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They are like Metal Slimes in Dragon Quest in that they give tons of experience, can only take one point of damage per hit, and are difficult to counter. Also, they are hard to find. But, if you haven't made it to chapter 12 yet, this is a fantastic way to gain some levels, some job levels, and some cool items.NEXT:Yakuza: The Tojo Clan's Strongest Members, Ranked


How do you max out your Ichiban personality? ›

The most direct way to increase them is to consume stat boosters. These items are special and are usually very expensive. I recommend saving these for your last resort. A very effective way to improve stats is to take all the exams at Ounabara Vocational school.

Can you romance Saeko Yakuza: Like a Dragon? ›

Once you have a maxed out Bond with Saeko and a maxed out Style stat, you will be able to begin a romantic relationship with Saeko.

What level should I be for Chapter 12 Yakuza? ›

You should be more than capable of tackling it with a team around Lv. 32-35 and can expect to gain roughly 10 levels through completion.) Once you're confident in your party's level, jump in a taxi and head to the Omi Alliance HQ.

What happens if you romance everyone in Yakuza: Like a Dragon? ›

If you enter a romantic relationship with all six women, you can head to Survive Bar to start a new substory named "The Lone Survivor". Complete this substory to receive a +10 boost to your Defense stat. That's all for this page, but we've got plenty more Yakuza: Like A Dragon guides.

How do you get op in Yakuza: Like a Dragon? ›

13 Tips To Make An Overpowered Character In Yakuza: Like A Dragon
  1. 13/13 Getting A Party Together.
  2. 12/13 Area-Of-Effect Skills Are Key.
  3. 11/13 Keep An Eye Out For Job EXP Accessories.
  4. 10/13 Gather SP-Based Equipment As Well.
  5. 9/13 Don't Sleep On The Buffing & Debuffing Systems *NEW ENTRY WITH UPDATE*
  6. 8/13 Do The Side Stories.
Aug 1, 2021

What is the best weapon for Ichiban? ›

Ichiban's best weapon goes in line with the best class in the game, Hero. The Legendary Hero's Bat offers stat boosts in every stat that matters for the Hero job. Getting a bonus of electric damage is fantastic as well since the hardest bosses are weak to electricity.

What level should I be for Kiryu? ›

As a level 57 boss, players should be at least level 54 or higher. At this level, players can have a party of four members and take advantage of having a full party. Let's go over Kiryu's strengths, weaknesses, attack stances, and a great party build to counter him.

Can Ichiban beat Kiryu? ›

Is Ichiban stronger than Kiryu? If they couldn't defeat Kiryu in a four-on-one fight, Ichiban wouldn't stand a chance solo. Ichiban might be the hero of Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon, but Kiryu is the Dragon of Dojima. If video games have taught us anything, it's that not every hero can beat a dragon.

Can you get a gf in Yakuza 0? ›

To have any chance of dating one of the women, you must complete the telephone club mini-game. So, first, you need to pass the one button QTE that occurs when they call.

How old is Saeko Yakuza? ›

Intergenerational Friendship: Eri and Saeko (early to mid 20's), Han (33), and Zhao (late 20's to early 30's) are close friends with Ichiban (42), Nanba (41), and Adachi (59).

What is the max bond level in Yakuza: Like a Dragon? ›

Ichiban can raise the Bond levels with his party members, with each character being able to reach a maximum of level 5. Raising the Bond level with characters opens up new job options for them, as well as giving them a unique battle skilled once they reach maximum level.

Who is stronger Kiryu or Majima? ›

In this game, having played only this game and having no prior knowledge of all the other games in the series, Majima is stronger than Kiryu by far and away. At the end his feats were much more impressive since he was up against the scariest opponents in the game.

Who is the strongest character in Yakuza? ›

1. Kazuma Kiryu. Kazuma Kiryu, nicknamed the Dragon of Dojima, is the single most legendary and accomplished character in the Yakuza universe.

Why is Majima the best character? ›

The mad dog of Shimano himself, Majima is by far the fan-favorite character of the series, mostly due to how ridiculous he is compared to other gritty and serious characters in games. Similar to Saejima, he's had a long history in the Yakuza. After the assassination incident, he is banished from the Shimano family.

Who is the main character in Yakuza: Like a Dragon? ›

Ichiban is the lead character in the 2020 video game Yakuza: Like A Dragon, the first main series Yakuza title which does not feature recurring series lead Kazuma Kiryu as a playable character. Ichiban is voiced by Kazuhiro Nakaya in Japanese, and by Kaiji Tang in English.


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